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All finishing move
Mortal Kombat XL - All Brutalities (As of Version 1.04)
Mortal Kombat XL - All Brutalities (As of Version 1.04) YouTube
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Mortal Kombat XL - All Fatalities & X-Rays on Deadpool Kano Costume Mod 4K Ultra HD Gameplay Mods
Mortal Kombat XL - All Fatalities & X-Rays on Deadpool Kano Costume Mod 4K Ultra HD Gameplay Mods YouTube
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Ideas for new Mortal Kombat Characters?

Mine is a time manipulator.Obviously,he'd be Overpowered so I gave him some limitations.He can only alter something that happened 3 minutes ago.

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Who will be the new Deadly Alliance?

I am thinking maybe Shang Tsung and Raiden. Thoughts?
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Mkx mobil.1.21.0 2018 new update finally announced

New update mkx mobile 1.21.0. Really this caracther its just awesome..🙃
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inferno scorpion basic gold pack and renown rewards

has anyone else gotten inferno scorpion from a basic gold pack(150 souls gold pack which is 1st pack in the store on top row)? i have gotten it. on that same day i also got flaming fists liu kang. is this lucky to you? it is very lucky for me since my luck is usually not so good.

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Whats the best era of mk game

Im going with the underrated 3d era
Change my mind
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Por que no se puede jugar

Por que no se puede jugar
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Hl hl hola
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Motar conbart

Revisa esta discusión en Fandom
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Mortal Kombat versus Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game needs to happen
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Every one is going crazy about mk11

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Are there any new comics being released now?

Does anyone know if there are comics being released to justify a time jump in MK11?
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Is Mortal Kombat 11 Going To Be A Game-Changer?

It seems that Netherrealm Studios have been quiet on their new project.They confirmed they had a project,and also said it isn't ready.This just shows us that they're trying new things,and to back it up,they have officially confirmed that they were gonna break out of their Traditional Game Release Cycle,and they just did that.So,it's possible that whatever new game Netherrealm Studios is working on is going to revamp the combat system,flesh out a bit of the unseen side of Mortal Kombat Story,and add anything else.
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The new Mortal Kombat game that isn't mortal kombat

So let me start out by saying, I've never really leaked a game in my life before, especially for what I'm about to be leaking. Parts of this leak can be argued about, or discredited, but I don't care, be as skeptic as you'd like. Expect to see fake leaks from here on in, people might even pretend to be me, so to stop that bullshit, I'll make this my one and only post, and with all that said and done, I'll get started. Crossovers are one of my favourite things going around these days, and there's another one coming from netherrealm studios. It's called “The Supernatural”, and will star your favourite, or not so favourite horror characters. About 15 characters are planned so far, with a first trailer to showcase Jason, Leatherface, Alien, Predator and of course Freddy, just like they were in Mortal Kombat but with a few new differences worked into them. Lots of other characters will be shown at different points in time until the game comes out, like how Injustice 2 were doing their character trailers, but a little more smash bros style, they want to build up heaps of hype with each character revealed. Getting around to these other characters, there will be Pennywise (Both Curry and Skarsgard), The Thing, Dracula (Both Oldman and Lugosi), Ash Williams (Old and new look), and one that surprised me the most was the Demogorgon. Unless they don't get the rights to some characters, which unfortunately is highly likely, we'll be seeing a diverse range of fighters. Everyone will have finisher moves, called “slaughters” where at the end of the game it'll say “END HIM/HER” followed by the characters unique slaughter. Stages are the next thing I wanted to talk about, they'll be a mash up of two universes combined into one. To set an example, there's a stage of crystal lake on the left side, and Freddy's furnace on the right side and they overlap in the middle, so there's some steaming pipes on the left and some branches and trees on the right. Development on the game is still going to take a while, another year at a minimum. Of course DLC is already planned, but that's always the case with every game these days. Other horror franchises will have representation as well. Mostly characters that can't be playable like Godzilla and King Kong, they'll make stage appearances instead. Getting all this info out is something you guys probably didn't expect, but it's been hinted at if you've been paying attention, Ed boon literally tweeted a picture of Scooby Doo in Injustice. Understandably it was a joke, but also a big hint towards this games development. You guys believe what you want, but there's another character that I haven't mentioned directly in this post, you guys are smart enough to find out who it is though, but remember, I'm not posting anything else anywhere.
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