Acid Bath
Arena acidbath
Location Outworld
Games Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
Terrain Temple

The Acid Bath is an arena that makes its only appearance in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.


The Acid Bath, which is located in Outworld, appears to be Shang Tsung's take on the Dead Pool. This entire courtyard, which is a place of sacrifice, is circular in basic shape and is surrounded by an acid pool. Placed around the rim of the arena are four 'Acid Buddhas', strange effigies that showcase a translucent bowel of acid. Anyone who approaches these statues will find themselves consumed in a constant spray of acid, draining their health effectively. Tournaments were held here and the loser would be sprayed by the four Acid Buddhas surrounding the ring. It is because of this that the Acid Bath is the only arena in the game with any actual hazards at all.

The Acid Bath is also where another sorcerer, Quan Chi, came to Shang Tsung with the offer of a supply of endless life energy to him in exchange for his help in resurrecting an ancient army of dead soldiers. This would later be called the Deadly Alliance.


  • According to the documentary, Making of Deadly Alliance, the Acid Buddhas were originally planned to be the arena's Stage Fatality, but for unknown reasons, was omitted and reduced to simply being the game's only active hazard.
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