Amulet of Kreeya

Amulet of Kreeya.

The Amulet of Kreeya (sometimes called Kreeya's Amulet) is an ancient and special necklace belonged to its creator and owner, Queen Kreeya herself.

This amulet bears the symbol of the Kreeyans, a legendary race of Amazonian warriors under the guidance and command of their empress Kreeya. And it may have hold some of her hidden powers, but it is old as Kreeya with the very history of the queen and her people for millennia. Even they were away from their distant, unnamed homeworld as well.

All Kreeyan warriors and soldiers carry shields among their weaponry with the iconic image based on the Amulet of Kreeya as their very own symbol, to represent their culture and their eternal matriarch's kingdom.

Also, the Amulet of Kreeya itself can withstand all magic attacks, especially from conjurers and supernatural entities.

The Amulet of Kreeya was unfortunately destroyed by Kreeya as her evasive attempt to escape from her two interlopers she fought, the warrior, Great Kung Lao, and the sorcerer, Shang Tsung, after they were freed by Earthrealm's thunder god Raiden.

The destruction of the Amulet of Kreeya might indicate and herald the death of Queen Kreeya at the hands of her firstborn daughter, and the possible extinction of her kind.



Mortal Kombat: Conquest - Kreeya

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