Baron Reyland

Baron Reyland

Baron Reyland is the father of Jen Reyland and the wealthy owner of a trading post in Zhu Zin. He seems to care more about money than his daughter's happiness (at least in the beginning) when he refuses Kung Lao's proposal to marry Jen. It is revealed in the episode "Debt of the Dragon" that the Baron owed a lot of money to the Black Dragon Clan and probably wanted Jen to wed a wealthy man to help pay it off. During his final breath, he wanted Kung Lao to save his daughter, showing that he did care about her to an extent. After the Baron Reyland's death, Kung Lao and his friends started using the Baron's trading post, which was a gift from Jen, as their own. In the episode "Unholy Alliance", he appears again, but only as an illusion created by Shang Tsung and Quan Chi.

Baron Reyland was played by the actor John Reilly.

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