• BornAstray

    Hi I'm new here and thanks for having me. There's so much more to this game then just a few fighting rounds. I'm Amazed at the vastness of the MK universe.

    The ideas that Encompass the Mortal Kombat universe are so far-reaching and offer light and insight into very human ideas. I honestly had no idea until I checked out a few pages on the wiki. Now I can see why this game has said such a draw not only on myself but a huge audience from 1992 to the present day.

    When it comes to the game my favorite character is Sub-Zero, and he just so happens to have such a robust story that I have a lot to learn about this guy, Kuai Lang. I'm looking forward to getting to know this character. Before today and yesterday all I knew about the characters we're …

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  • Ogatreal

    Youtube Videos

    March 15, 2017 by Ogatreal

    I was wondering if it would be cool if we add to some characther articles links to Youtube videos that sumarizes his/hers stories.

    Maybe some of you already know the channel History Behind the Warrior , that guy reviews every character of fighting games (one video per char) and he already covered almost all MK characters, he almost complete street fighter, and now he is on tekken and sometimes he reviews an SNK char.

    I was thinking about embedding his MK characther reviews videos into each charachter article, what you think?

    I particulary like the ideia of using as many diferent forms of media to convey information to the audience, and audio/video is a perfect media for those who don´t have the patience or time to read!

    What you think?

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  • DinoLord00

    Top 10 Fatalities

    November 16, 2016 by DinoLord00

    Because I do Top 10s on another wiki, might as well start a new one here. Of course, to kick it off, I'm going to count down what makes Mortal Kombat "Mortal Kombat": fatalities. These are the best and most iconic of the bunch and I'm grading them on three criteria: satisfaction, violence, and creativity. I'm only considering fatalities since most of the other variations don't meet the requirement. Besides, it's not like an animality is going to be more impressive than a fatality. This is also my opinion, so please don't rant i you're fatality isn't on this list. Anyways, here are the Top 10 Fatalities in Mortal Kombat.

    To no surprise, this fatality makes this list and why not: it's the first fatality ever discovered, not counting the pit. …

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  • Lwgoslayer10

    It's been awhile since I tried to use one of these.

    Ah, it's been awhile. 6 years ago I was regularly in the chat and was talking like the naive 12-year-old I was. Ah, good times, the edgy emo phase.

    Anyways, I'm debating on getting MK XL. You guys think it's worth?

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  • Dirtbag Daryl

    new boards for the forum

    September 17, 2016 by Dirtbag Daryl

    I've added three new boards to the forum that relate to things outside of MK, if you're interested in that kind of thing. this is mainly just to give people something else to talk about, just as we would do in the chat.

    if you have any decent suggestions for yet another board, fess up I guess???

    edit: also, the off-topic posting rule still applies here, just in a lighter fashion. keep on-topic in whatever thread your discussion pertains to, thanks.

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  • FlameSword333

    Like the changes?

    August 2, 2016 by FlameSword333

    Hey it's me, FlameSword! I've edited some character pages! If I did anything wrong, contact me.

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  • Riley Heligo

    Article Comments

    June 1, 2016 by Riley Heligo

    Over the past few weeks I've noticed a great deal of comments on articles being full of nonsense such as how a character should return, how they're bad, how you like them, how you want them to be in the next game. I've grown tired of removing such comments, so I feel a blog is necessary to create. 

    Article comments are NOT for these comments, they're for bringing up errors on the pages or how to improve them, not how you hate this character or how you want them to return. This is becoming something of an ongoing issue over the past few weeks and I'm tired of moderating these sections and removing completely irrelevent comments. 

    I'm creating this blog, simply as a request to keep the article comments clean from such comments as it can clutter …

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  • MKFan32

    Dear Admins

    March 12, 2016 by MKFan32

    I Would like to ask for a cooperation between you and me in a brand new series im making on a website that involves voting, where the viewer's get to vote for a character they want to win in either a team battle, Single Battle, or Battle Royale, and this is where that cooperation part comes in, i would like to work with you guys to make this thing come true, and possibly make fans of MK Happy, i will wait patiently for your response.

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  • MKFan32


    March 12, 2016 by MKFan32

    I just wondered, why has nobody ever added a thing on how to pronounce character's name? I mean sure, most people know but wouldn't it be a better idea to add a pronounciation so people who don't know how to say it can learn how?

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  • MKFan32

    No, this isnt some rant to unblock me, i just want to apologize for being a baby over the whole rules thing, and im sorry for complaing too much about the whole thing, i was being really immature about the whole thing and just hope you accept my apology. And thank you for reading this.



    P.S. Yeah its obviously me, that whiney guy, but yeah, just trying to apologize

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