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Bow and Arrow

Bow and Arrow

The Bow and Arrow are a long range weapon used by many warriors in ancient cultures in many ages. It is used by Nightwolf in every generation, who is himself a descendant of Native Americans (one of the ancient warriors that used them).


The bow is a flexible arc that is able to shoot projectiles, the arrows. It is used as a long range weapon and was used thousands of years ago.


The bow and arrow was a long range weapon founded after the sling and the spear (to throw like javelin). The probably first arrow was used 64.000 years ago, it was found in a Sibudu Cave in South Africa. In Northern Germany, there were Stellmoor bows found, actual bows and arrows that were used as how we treat them nowadays. In Ancient Greek, they were used, a list of where (or when) they were found and who used them:

  • Ancient Greek: Spartans, Scythians and other Greek (Army) Warriors. The Greek also made a precursor of the crossbow, which they called the Gastraphetes. A standing one they called the Ballista.
  • Roman Empire: Roman Centurions, Army Men usually riding horses.
  • Ancient USA: Most of the Indian races, the Apaches, the Sioux, the Comanches and many more.
  • Ancient Mexico: The Aztecs, who called them Atlatl.
  • Ancient Japan: The Samurai, who called them Yumi.
  • Middle Ages: Knights (When riding horses).
  • Hunnic Empire: The Huns.
  • Africa: Shaka Zulu Warriors, Zande Warrior and many others.
  • Persia: Persian Army Men, Persian Immortals.

There are several warriors all over the world, most of them copied from the Greek and thus the warriors used it themself to dominate other enemies.


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