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Gohsk will finish me for sure!


—Braan while worrying about Gohsk.

Braan appears in Mortal Kombat: Deception as an NPC of Konquest mode. He is a harmless Outworlder seen carrying a spear with a fish on the end of it in the small village of Sun Do in Outworld.


A robed man carrying a short sword named Gohsk speaks with Shujinko and tells him that he wishes to do battle with another individual named Braan. He asks that Shujinko tell Brann of this, should he meet him.

When the player encounters Braan and tells him of this, he asks Shujinko not to say anything to Gohsk, paying him 500 ruby koins for his silence.


Shujinko & Braan

Shujinko talking to Braan

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