Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Input Legend
Input Xbox PS
1 Xbox-controller-x-button-md Ps3 button square by thedevingreat-d5g6clf
2 Xbox-controller-y-button-md Ps3 button triangle by thedevingreat-d5g6cex
3 Xbox-controller-a-button-hi Ps3 button x by thedevingreat-d5g6c9k
4 Xbox-controller-b-button-md Ps3 button o by thedevingreat-d5g6d2x
5 XBOX ONE Buttons RT PS3 R2

Special Moves

  • Solomon Escape: Down, Back, 4.
  • Strength of Hercules: Back, Forward, 2.
  • Atlas Clap: Down, Back, 2.
  • Power of Zeus: Down, Back, 1.
  • Achilles Bolt: Down, Back, 3.
  • Mercury Bear Hug: Back, Forward, 4.


  • Ground Slam: Down, Forward, Back, Forward, 1.
  • Slam and Stomp: Down, Back, Down, Forward, 2.

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