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Chrome Bling Spray Can

Chrome Bling spray can

Chrome Bling is a fictional chrome spray can with its own comedic advertisement that is used to fix up the exterior of your car, presented by Major Jax Briggs of the U.S. Special Forces. It appears in the Krypt and Extras kontent gallery of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.

Chrome Bling Advertisement

"From his sweet wheels to a blazin’ set of chrome arms, Jax always knows how to make an impression. Chrome Bling is the closest thing to blingbling in a bottle, transformin’ your weak and butt-ugly junk car into the pimp mobile that you’ve always known it could be. Chrome Bling will make ya the envy of all of Outworld and its men, and the obsession of all the ladies everywhere. Yeah baby!"


  • The Chrome Bling and its advertisement is loosely or completely based on MTV's hottest hit show Pimp My Ride that deals with repairing and transforming one's own car that is in terrible and ugly conditions, into a sweet, brand new set of wheels.

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