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Sub-Zero the Cryomancer

Sub-Zero is a descendant of the Cryomancers and he now wears the ancient armor of his ancestors.

Frost the Cryomancer

Frost, another descendant of the long-lost Cryomancers

Cryomancers were a race of people native to Outworld. Apparently, these long-forgotten Outworlders looked like humans, but could control ice, and sometimes their arms looked frozen, (however this is not seen with Bi-Han in MK and it is not seen with Kuai Liang until MK:DA after his possession of the Dragon Medallion), and seem to be subliming. Bi-Han, his younger brother Kuai Liang, and Kuai Liang's young former apprentice Frost were the only descendants of the Cryomancers themselves.


Sub Zero s Heritage by TheLinKueiNinja

Sub-Zero discovers his heritage and the history of his ancestors

Cryomancers are a race native to Outworld. During the earlier period of Shao Kahn's reign as emperor, it is believed that the majority of the population was exterminated, as a result it is believed that no pure Cryomancers survive into the present day. Appearance-wise Cryomancers are very similar to humans, they share a similar form and they seem to age in a similar fashion, although their lifespan is unknown, the notable difference being that they have the ability to control the moisture in the air around their bodies and cool it into ice, as such, they have the ability to control ice. As a result, Cryomancers can use their powers to freeze opponents solid and even form weapons of ice. Additionally, some Cryomancers seem to have a covering of frost or ice forming on their arms. This particular characteristic may be a result of age as well as level of cryomancy, as the most well known Cryomancer, Kuai Liang developed this feature only recently, whereas the Bi-Han, who was killed at a younger age, and Frost, a younger and less powerful Cryomancer both lacked/lack this feature, this however is purely speculation. Most likely this is just an ability/tactic Sub-Zero uses to strengthen his blows, as he is seen without the ice-sheet in his costumes in Mortal Kombat Deception. Some Cryomancers are shown to have very pale, ice-blue toned skin. Frost appears to be paler than many of the other characters, and Sub-Zero in his Deception costume is so pale as to be nearly white. It is possible that the ancestral Cryomancers shared this trait.

In her Mortal Kombat: Armageddon ending, Sareena was also said to have gained the Cryomancer freezing ability, maybe even hinting she herself had become one.

Known CryomancersEdit

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