Earthrealm Map

The map of Earthrealm.

This ancient map shows the detailed imagery and directions of Earthrealm and it was originally made in the Chaosrealm. The Earthrealm Map first appeared in the Konquest mode of Mortal Kombat: Deception.

This map shows the path to Earthrealm from the Chaosrealm itself.

The Earthrealm adventurer Shujinko while exploring the strange and dangerous Realm of Chaos, found another Earthrealmer, Kabal walking back and forth in front of a yellow transporter platform outside the Chaosrealm's cemetery. He tells him that he stole a map from a dead traveler, a map that shows a path to Earthrealm, and asks that Shujinko hide it for him in the realm's old temple ruins.

Kabal may have later reclaimed the map to Earthrealm from the Chaosrealm's forgotten temples, and later used it to return to his home, and possibly later recruits two certain criminals to join in his new destiny.

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