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Real Name: Xpore

Gender: Male

Status: Seeker

Origin: Heaven

Resides: Earthrealm

Species: Symbiote hybrid of Human and Fungus

Allies: Ashra, Eclipse (as Lunar)

Enemies: Shinnok, Reptile

Weapons: Cleaver

Fighting Styles: Jujutsu

Alignment: Good

Signature Moves:

a. Gum Wrap: Xpore throws a symbiote substance where it shapes and molds like a sticky web when the opponent touches it resulting to very minimal movements no matter what position they are in. .

b. Army Trap: Xpore spurts from his back a piece of symbiote seed. If an opponent manages to touch it, will ensnare and hang them from the ceiling thus giving Xpore a chance to hit them.

c. Body Stretch: Xpore will make extensions of his punches and kicks using his symbiotic powers, similar to Dhalsim of Street Fighter.

d. Porcupine: Xpore kneels on one knee, one fist to the ground and looking downwards where he suddenly surrounds himself with long needle-like spikes serving as both defense and offense.


a. Mush: Xpore will plant a small piece of mushroom in to the opponents head where it will suddenly grow gigantically by sucking them dry leaving only dried skin and bones.

b. Meat my Cleaver: Xpore rotates clockwise like a whirlwind with his long cleaver where he will separate the bones, meat and skin cleanly from each other showing all three dropping to the floor at the same time from a standing position when he finished..


After learning the plans of Argus regarding the upcoming Armageddon, another elder god decided to create 2 humanoids that will bring balance to earthrealm. Their sole purpose, is to create life after another where all humans will soon be replaced by new powerful beings through the new Genesis where they will again balance the world, as viewed by the said elder god. The man takes in the form of Xpore and the woman as Lunar. After they were sent down to earthrealm as infants, Shinnok happens to find out and sent his warriors in order to retrieve them and have the supposed surrogate parents killed. They managed to take Xpore and Lunar where Shinnok raised them as his very own children and has plans to use them as his ultimate weapons later on. Over the years, Xpore became such weapon as Shinnok anticipated while Lunar became weaker. Lunar angered Shinnok as this was not his plan. Although Xpore seeing Shinnok treating Lunar the way as he did, put a distance to Shinnok and Xpore's relationship. Shinnok was aware of this. One day Xpore overheard Shinnok and Reptile talk about a certain possession to take place by a shadow wraith's soul. This was Shinnok's plan in order to keep Xpore at bay. However, Xpore learned it was Lunar to be possessed. As he rushed towards her only learning that it was too late did he promised her that he will do anything to cure Lunar and make Shinnok pay for what he did. Xpore decided to leave in search of a cure for Lunar as he leaves her in Shinnok's palace. Along the journey, he manage to cross paths with Ashra where she decided to teach him more combat styles while searching at the same time the cure for his love Lunar.

Stage Relationships:

a. Slaughterhouse: This is where Xpore got his Cleaver weapon from.


a. Xpore is the only character that is mute due to an absence of mouth. Although, he is able to feed like a plant by absorbing sunlight from his mushroom back through photosynthesis.


Disclaimer: I do not own the Mortal Kombat logo used. I do not claim to own any of the rights to Mortal Kombat.

This is for entertainment use only.

My take: Mortal Kombat has long been one of those companies that are innovative in bringing their audience awe and shock at the same time. That is why I think it is time they step up to another level by creating a rather unique character, a pink ninja this time. What do you think guys?

PS: I think it's time for a revolution. Guys should never be afraid of pink

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