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Golden Desert
The Golden Desert is an arena and ancient location in the Realm of Outworld. It was featured in Mortal Kombat: Deception.


There was a large cliff face which was excavated in places where statues resided which watch the battle unfold. And this cliffside area sits on the outer edge of the the Golden Desert.

Centuries ago, giant caverns were dug in the mountainside where statues were placed. A new community of people came and settled here after a deep water well sprung, thus creating an oasis.

In this arena characters can be knocked down to lower balcony areas and once players reach this area, they can encounter two Death Traps. Knocking the opponent into the far cliff walls to either side will cause one of the massive statues to fall on top of them, while being knocked off the front edge will cause the opponent to fall onto a rock spire below.

Death Traps Edit

Golden Desert Death Trap00:11

Golden Desert Death Trap

Golden Desert Death Trap #1

Golden Desert Death Trap 200:09

Golden Desert Death Trap 2

Golden Desert Death Trap #2

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