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Green Lantern
Green Lantern
Real Name Harold "Hal" Jordan
Origin Earth
Resides Metropolis, Coast City
Allies Superman
Wonder Woman
the Flash
Captain Marvel
Enemies Dark Kahn
Liu Kang
Species Human
Weapons Power Ring
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Alignment Good
Appearances Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
Portrayers Sorin Brouwers
You want a finish? You got it.


Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Green Lantern is a Human superhero that resides in the DC Universe. Unlike other DC characters chosen for Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, he shares his title with many other officers from the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan was chosen as Earth's first corps member, and earned a reputation as the Corps' "Greatest Green Lantern." His counterpart is Earthrealm's chosen warrior and Champion of Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang.

About Green LanternEdit

Hal Jordan connected with his father, a test pilot, more than any other member of his family. When he saw his father die in a blaze of flames during an afternoon test flight, the young boy had nothing left to fear because he witnessed his greatest fear come to life before his eyes. Growing up with a reckless lifestyle and enlisting with the United States Air Force, the young test pilot found himself floating away from Edwards Air Force Base with nothing but a green aura around him. It took him to a crashed ship, where inside, lay a dying alien. The alien told Jordan that he had the ability to overcome great fear, and he then asked Jordan to take his place as a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

With Earth, and all of Sector 2814 under his protection, Hal Jordan shines his light proudly as Earth's primary Green Lantern, making sure that those who worship evil's might will beware his power: Green Lantern's light.

MK vs. DCEdit

In the final battle, Superman defeated Darkseid and banished him. After the crisis, Green Lantern Followed Captain Marvel and was ambushed by Sonya. After being defeated, Captain Marvel knocked out Sonya and they both escaped. Upon returning to the U.N. Orbital Station, he extracts Batman. After a while, he witnesses Captain Marvel's Rage and is transported to Oa. Lex Luthor unexpectedly appears and, infected with rage, attacks him. Green Lantern defeats Luthor before they are interrupted by the Guardians. After returning to Earth, Green Lantern leaves Luthor and Catwoman as he is going to the U.N. Orbital Station. As he arrives, Jax attacks and, after being defeated, is backed up by Sonya. After the ensuing fight, he ultimately defeats her. Green Lantern later joins Superman to the Fortress of Solitude. They are fighting Liu Kang and Shang Tsung and were defeated by the MK-warriors. But Lantern gets up and knocks out a surprised Liu Kang. He is then finally defeated by Shang Tsung. Later Green Lantern is among the heroes and villains that meet Luthor and Catwoman. Luthor opens a Special Forces portal and they go to Apokolips where the final battle begins.


  • MK vs DCU: "Fighter pilot Hal Jordan was testing an experimental aircraft when he found himself transported into the desert, to the side of a dying alien who gifted him with a glowing ring, which is charged regularly by a green lantern. By taking the ring, Jordan found himself drafted into the Green Lantern Corps, an interstellar police force that assigned him to protect Earth. Jordan can use his ring to conjure up anything he can imagine!"

Combat characteristicsEdit

As with Batman, Hal Jordan is completely human and has no natural superhuman abilities. As the Green Lantern, Hal is equipped with one of the universe's most powerful weapons, the Green Lantern Ring. Once slipped onto his finger, Hal gains access to near limitless power: the ring produces powerful energy with tangible, malleable properties powered by the willpower of every living being in the universe, extended from the Corps' Central Power Battery on the Green Lantern homeworld of Oa.

As the ring comes from the Green Lantern Corps, it allows the Lantern to construct energy into any form they can imagine and will. It also allows the bearer to fly while projecting over the bearer a green aura, which protects from common threats of interstellar travel, such as the vacuum of space. The aura also provides the bearer with atmosphere to breathe in any environment. Despite the ring's boundless power, it runs on a finite charge. For this reason, each Lantern must recharge their ring with a personal power battery once every 24 terrestrial hours. The user simply places their hand and ring into the light of the battery, and utter the Green Lantern oath: "In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight. Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might, Beware My Power, Green Lantern's Light."

As a hand-to-hand combatant with the assistance of the power ring, Hal Jordan's natural training as a member of the United States Air Force is greatly enhanced. Green Lantern can summon practically any offensive weapon he can imagine through the use of the ring, in addition to firing potentially-lethal green plasma energy at varying levels of power and firing rate. As a ringbearer, Jordan takes a "no-nonsense" approach, summoning only what he needs to get the job in front of him done.

His ability to send a player flying so he can crush him or her with his hammer presents serious problems for the opposing player.

Special MovesEdit

  • Strength of Will: Green Lantern creates a hammer with his power ring and smashes it on his opponent.
    Green Lantern's Hammer
    Green Lantern's Judgment Hammer
    Kuro SelasAdded by Kuro Selas
  • Summoned Hand Grab: Green Lantern creates a hand with his power ring that grabs his opponent and slams them to the ground.
  • Wall Barrier: Green Lantern creates a brick wall with his power ring that can absorb projectiles and can hurt opponents that run into it.
  • Justice Fist: Green Lantern creates a hand with his power ring and shoots it at his opponent.
  • Judgment Hammer: Green Lantern creates a hammer which he pushes the opponent away from him to create damage.

Heroic BrutalitiesEdit

  • Orb Crusher: Green Lantern encases his opponent in a green orb using his power ring, then shrinks it down, crushing the opponent into a broken ball.
  • Hammer Smash: Green Lantern creates two giant hammers in the air which he swings downward and smashes his opponents torso with it.


  • Greenlanternending
    M.T.S.Added by M.T.S.
    MK vs DCU: "On a distant planet, a huge pyramid unexpectedly rose from beneath the ground. Its origin was unknown, but it seemed to emanate energy similar to what Batman detected from the invading universe. Green Lantern's nemesis Sinestro has learned of the pyramid's existence and is eager to acquire whatever secret it might contain. Hal Jordan knows only that its energy is dangerous - and that the Green Lantern Corps must stop the Sinestro Corps at any cost."


  • "The rage? I take that he means you. What did you do to Cap?"


  • In his ending, the pyramid from Armageddon is shown.
  • Green Lantern has the shortest chapter in Story Mode, being the only character with less than four opponents.
  • Instead of addressing Captain Marvel by his full name, he refers to him as "Cap."
  • Both of Green Lantern's Heroic Brutalities could theoretically kill the opponent, as either would break a massive amount of the bones in the opponent´s body, causing internal bleeding. It is notable that after both, the opponent remains still, unlike all other brutalities where they move around.

References Edit

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