Guardians of the Universe

The Guardians in MK vs DCU

The Guardians of the Universe are characters from the DC Universe. They are the founders and leaders of the Green Lantern Corps.


The Guardians appear in Green Lantern's chapter, having summoned him to Oa. They inform him of the nature of the crisis afflicting the universe, explaining the source of the merging and destructive Kombat Rage originated on Earth. After Hal Jordan defeats a Rage afflicted Lex Luthor, the Guardians present a Power Battery to Hal, allowing him to recharge his ring as the preparation for the coming battles, while urging him to work with Luthor and Catwoman to save the universe.


  • The Guardians can be seen in the background of the Oan Senate Stage.
  • Though unnamed, the middle Guardian wears a ponytail, implying it is Ganthet.

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