A Hand Grenade is any small bomb that can be thrown by hand. Hand grenades are classified into two categories, explosive grenades and chemical and gas grenades. Explosive grenades are the most commonly used in modern warfare, and are designed to detonate after impact or after a set amount of time. Chemical and gas grenades are designed not to explode, but to burn or release a gas.

A hand grenade has three types: Fragmentation, Concussion, and Anti-Tank.

In Mortal Kombat

In the franchise, Hand Grenades are typically used as projectiles and/or as a means to effectively end an opponent's life. Stryker is most known for utilizing them in his moveset and Fatalities.

In Mortal Kombat X, Sonya Blade uses them in her Demolition variation. Kano also uses grenades in his Cybernetic variation.