Mortal Kombat - Scorpion's Ending

Scorpion the Hellspawn.

The Hellspawn (Hellspawns) are a skeletal type of undead beings who were capable of manipulating hellfire.

Scorpion's entire clan were resurrected by the Elder Gods as payment for him aiding them against Onaga. However, they betrayed him by resurrecting the clan as undead Hellspawns similar to Scorpion. They were dispatched to battle against Taven in order to prevent him from stopping Armageddon.

Larger Hellspawns also appear as giant skulls which manipulate fire.

Hellspawns generally come in groups; while they are easy to defeat alone, they can be difficult in numbers.


Taven vs. Hellspawn Ninjas

Taven fights off against these Shirai Ryu ninjas, now reborn as the Hellspawn.

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