He is Hideyoshi, deadliest of all Shao Kahn's assassins.


— Sub-Zero about Hideyoshi.

Hideyoshi is a minor character in the animated series Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm as Shao Kahn's deadliest warrior, as well as one of his Kahn Guards.

Hideyoshi is seen as an enormous person wielding many weapons, including a whip, katana, staff, and halberd. He wears heavy, but not very covering, armor.

He is first seen in Episode 11 "Amends", when he attacks the Defenders. They are easily dealt with, and it seems he will win, until Kabal makes a swift entrance and delivers two powerful kicks that knock Hideyoshi back into the portal. Hideyoshi appeared again at the side of Kano and his fellow Black Dragon criminals and they attack Kabal before his new allies arrived and defeated them as they knock them back to Outworld through a portal.

Hideyoshi soon faces an unfortunate fate at the hands of his master Shao Kahn for his failure.


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