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The Iron Club is a weapon used by Drahmin in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. The club is mounted on Drahmin's right arm and covers his complete forearm.


Deadly Alliance

Move GameCube Playstation 2 Xbox
Head Smash B Circle X
Leaping Smash Up, B Up, Circle Up, X
Mid Swipe Down, B Down, Circle Down, X
Uppercut Y Triangle Y
Doom Chop Back, Y Back, Triangle Back, Y
Low Strike Down, Y Down, Triangle Down, Y
Iron Strike A X A
Iron Sweep Back, A Back, X Back, X
Rising Blast Down, A Down, X Down, X
Neck Jab X Square B
Power Swipe Back, X Back, Square Back, B
Low Kick Down, X Down, Square Down, B
Neijin Z R1 Z


Move Playstation 2 Xbox Wii

Club Bunt

Square X
Bloody Dash Back, Square Back, X

Ducking Gut Punch

Down, Square Down, X
Old Timer Triangle Y
Black Jack Striker Back, Triangle Back, Y
Rocket Launcher Down, Triangle Down, Y
Power Mummy X A
Leg Bruiser Back, X Back, A
Abdominal Pain Down, X Down, A
Shoulder Chop Circle B
Psycho Power Swing Back, Circle Back, B
Ducking Snap Kick Down, Circle Down, B
Clubbing It Square, Square X, X
Iron Pain Square, X X, A
Iron Fist Square, Square, Square X, X, X
Klubbing Time Square, Square, Triangle X, X, Y
Stench of Decay Square, Square, Back, Triangle X, X, Back, Y
Krusty Skin Square, Square, Circle X, X, B
Thrash Out Square X
Bogie Triangle Y
Long Legs X A
Spinning Feet Grab Circle B
Rebel Square, Square X, X
Airborne Kick X, X A, A
Fresh Air Square, Square, Square X, X, X
Spinning Attack Square, Square, Triangle X, X, Y
Lucky Wind Square, Square, X X, X, A
Flip Down Square, Square, Circle X, X, B
Somersault X, X, Triangle A, A, Y
Boot To The Face X, X, X A, A, A
Pincer Throw X, X, Circle A, A, B
Guiding Light Square, Square, X, X X, X, A, A
Zero Gravity Square, Square, X, Circle X, X, A, B


Mortal Kombat series - Weapons
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