The Jinsei Chamber is a stage in the Mortal Kombat series. The arena is located in Earthrealm and houses Earthrealm's life force, the Jinsei, on the most protected chamber of Raiden's Sky Temple.


Dating the dawn of time, the Jinsei Chamber is the most secure and important space on Raiden's Sky Temple, located at one of its highest buildings and protected by his ward.

On its walls and surroundings, carved by the own hands of the Thunder God, stony figures that tell the birth of the realms, from the One Being's split with use of the Kamidogu, through Shinnok's betrayal of his fellow Elder Gods, to the modern heroes.

At the heart of the chamber, said to be 'like gazing upon the Elder Gods themselves', is a glowing blue liquid, almost like cold lava - the Jinsei - Earthrealm's life force, that flows through the realm like blood through arteries. This complex substance has unique properties of healing, capable of restoring anyone's health just by being inside the chamber. When needing rejuvenation of his energies, Raiden usually steps into the floating stones around the ethereal Jinsei and meditate inside its core.

During the events of Mortal Kombat X, it's revealed that Shinnok's plan is to poison the Jinsei, a fact that can occur by the mere touch of the fallen Elder God, due his pure evil essence and corruption. By doing so, Shinnok inverts the Jinsei life properties and inflicts through the realm death and plague, withering all of its living. The corruption can be reversed, but Raiden himself became corrupted during the process.


The Jinsei Chamber features four arena interactions. From farthest left to right they are:

  • A statue holding a basin of blue liquid that the opponent's head can be forced into and the basin smashed.
  • Two pots filled with blue liquid on opposite sides of the chamber.
  • A wall that can run up on to escape the right hand corner.


  • Based on spelling, "Jinsei" can translate to "life" (人生), "this world" (人世), "human nature", "instinct" (both written with the same kanji: 人性), and "benevolent administration" (仁政) in Japanese. Due to its mystical properties as aforementioned, it can be inferred that the first of these meanings is applicable in this case.


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