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My people cry for justice everlasting. The era of Kahns in Outworld ends today...and the reign of the Shokan begins!


—King Gorbak confronting Kotal Kahn in the Mortal Kombat X Comic Series


Mortal Kombat X Comic

King Gorbak's son, Goro, was returned to the Shokan kingdom of Kuatan by Kotal Kahn after the emperor defeated Goro and humiliated him by cutting his arms off and sparing him from death. Though Kotal had expected Gorbak to execute Goro for this based on the Shokan's principles of honor, he underestimated the father's love for his son.

Shedding a tear at the sight of his crippled son, Gorbak bid Goro to rise from his kneeling. Goro pleaded for his father to kill him, no longer believing he was a worthy heir, but Gorbak refused. Refusing to allow their people to suffer at the indignity of imperial rule under an Osh-Tekk, Gorbak sent his army of Shokan warriors, led by Kintaro, to strike while the emperor's strength was compromised.

King Gorbak oversees the Shokan siege, brandishing a battle axe as the hordes of Shokan charge through the broken defensive wall around the city. Upon spotting Johnny Cage stumbling through the rubble, Gorbak orders him killed, declaring there will be no survivors and orders the city reduced to rubble. Gorbak and the Shokan chase after Cage, who inadvertently leads them to both Sonya Blade and Kotal Kahn.

In the final hours of the Shokan siege, Gorbak duels with Kotal Kahn using twin broadswords held in two of his hands, scoring first blood on the Osh-Tekk while expressing his disappointment with Kotal's skills, having expected to battle the Blood God incarnate after the spectacle he made with Goro. Gorbak mocks Kotal, calling him an inexperienced ruler with an empire slipping through his fingers, and when Kotal tries to remind him that they were always allies, Gorbak clarifies they were lord and vassal, not king and king, and kicks Kotal down. Gorbak rages that his people now cry for justice and the era of the Kahns in Outworld will end today while the reign of the Shokan will begin.

Gorbak dominates his duel with Kotal, challenging the emperor to test his might while declaring the Shokan unstoppable. Locking his swords with Kotal's blade, Gorbak punches Kotal into a wall while forcing Kotal's own sword into his shoulder, all the while as Kotal suddenly asks Gorbak how to stop an unstoppable army. Gorbak sneers that he will die before solving that riddle when Kotal grabs him by the face, partially ripping it off before Kotal crushes Gorbak's head between his hands, killing the Shokan king.

Gorbak's body was thrown to the Shokan, who retreated with their king's corpse. Upon their return to Kuatan, Gorbak's body was wrapped in bandages and ceremonially cremated.