Location Netherrealm
Games Mortal Kombat X
Terrain Bridge

Krossroads is a stage in the Mortal Kombat series. It made its debut in Mortal Kombat X.


A prominent lava river flows in the background. On the left side of the stage is a bridge that goes over it, while the right side leads to a split road leading off-screen in different directions. An interactive rock outcropping marks each side of the stage. Several metallic pillars with spike hazards (and a few of their victims, one of which can be interacted with) dot the landscape.

Story Mode

The Krossroads features in Jax's chapter in MKX's story mode. It is at this location where Jax, Kenshi, Sareena, and their Special Forces allies ambush Quan Chi and his revenants. In the battle that follows, Jax fights and defeats the revenants Kung Lao, Sindel, and Kitana.


Krossroad features four arena interactions. From farthest left to right they are:

  • A corpse on a pillar that can be thrown at the opponent.
  • The skull of a beast that can be thrown at the opponent.
  • A rock formation that can be jumped off of.
  • A corpse covered pillar that can be run jumped off of to escape the corner.


  • The stage was originally named Crossroads, but was later renamed Krossroads sometime before MKX was released.


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