The Living Weapon is a grim, demonic-looking sceptre with a head of some undead demon and a ruby bauble on it. The staff is alive because it is filled with concentrated dark magic, making it capable of unleashing swarms of lethal insects or spitting hazardous liquids at enemies.


This weapon first appeared in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, though it originally was meant to be Quan Chi's weapon, it never made it into the game and became a concept art picture within the game's Krypt and Extras kontent gallery instead.

Absence From Deception

The weapon was dropped in favor of Quan Chi's Dual Broadswords and eventually became Drahmin the Oni-Tormentor. This is also the sceptre in which Quan Chi used to wound Liu Kang so Shang Tsung could finish him off.


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