Mortal Kombat X Comic Series

Though unseen, Mavado is mentioned with a Red Dragon member commenting during Sub-Zero's siege that Mavado had been against holding onto one of the Kamidogu daggers they stored in their temple.

After the Red Dragons allied with Mileena and Reiko, Mavado is revealed to be waiting to spring an ambush on Kotal K'etz forces using Lin Kuei cloaking technology, killing one of K'etz soldiers by impaling them with his spear before revealing himself and his Red Dragon soldiers.

Mavado is mentioned by Goro when he informs the Red Dragon's of Kotal Kahn's approach, the Red Dragon commander having infiltrated the capital city at some point prior.

Mavado is revealed to be listening in on Sonya Blade and Kotal Kahn's conversation. Learning that the Black Dragon have kidnapped Sonya's daughter, Cassie, and her friend Jacqui and brought both to Outworld, Mavado is amused by the opportunity presented to him and orders his men to stand down, telling them they have a new objective.

Later, Mavado's group ambushes Kano and Erron Black, killing the two Black Dragons who were holding Cassie and Jacqui. Mavado demands the hostages before proclaiming he will send Kotal Kahn a message with Kano's blood.

Mavado informs Erron Black that the girls are to go to Reiko, as well as arrogantly telling Kano that his forces outnumber theirs, only for Kano to kill one of the Red Dragon soldiers, prompting an all out brawl between the Black and Red Dragons. Mavado draws his hook sword and duels with Kano, ending up stabbed in the shoulder as Kano mocks Mavado's fallen comrade Hsu Hao. Before Kano can kill Mavado, one of the Red Dragon soldiers saves his commander.

When Kano betrays Erron Black and absconds with Kotal Kahn's Portal Stone, Mavado mocks him for trusting Kano before cutting Erron Black's chest with both of his hook swords. Turning his attention to the girls, Mavado dodges as Cassie and Jacqui open fire with weapons taken from the killed Black Dragon soldiers, and the girls use up all their ammunition killing Mavado's forces. Mavado tells the girls while Reiko wants them alive, he makes it clear he doesn't have to bring them intact and leaps at them.

While managing to wound Cassie on the arm with his swords, Jacqui gets Mavado in a lock, allowing Cassie to shatter one of his knees with a kick. Cassie then finishes Mavado, cutting open his chest with his own hook sword, killing him. His body is later found by Cassie's parents, Johnny and Sonya, as they investigate the whereabouts of their daughter.