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  • Hi Riley. 

    Perhaps Shaolin Monks was not confirmed as canon, as you say (if such confirmation actually is required for a game produced by the producers themselves is another thing), but it is the only explanation ever provided in the games for why Kitana doesn't remember. Her being described as an "infant" in the wiki is a very incorrect statement.

    Take all of her bios and all of the references from every game. It never is specified that she was an infant when Shao Kahn conquered Edenia

    She believed she was Shao Kahn's daughter, but that is more easily attributed to mindfuckery by Shao Kahn or the Shadow Priests. There hasn't yet been a thorough canon explanation, but she was never referred to as a child when Shao Kahn conquered. There is 1 picture in Sindel's eding in MK3 or MK Trilogy (can't remember now) which shows Kitana by her mother's side with Shao Kahn looming over the Edenian castle. The Edenian War probably lasted many years actually (shown in MK Armageddon's konquest mode with Taven and in Rain's bio from the rebooot), so she definitely had time to grow up during the war.

    We only have the John Tobias approved comic "Kitana&Mileena" which sheds some light on the matter, as it showed a young Kitana or at least a teenager (cause she seemed mature enough) when Shao Kahn invaded. However, the comic is non-canon and has flaws, like Shang Tsung being there even though he should not have been born. It in not irrelevant though, as it was the original writers' vision to have Kitana old enough to remember. This is further cemented by the explanation in Shaolin Monks for why she doesn't remember. She recognizes her mother in MK9, so she couldn't have been a child when she died.

    The only time she is presented as a baby is in the rather recent MK Legacy webseries. Her backstory there was really bad and is definitely non-canon. At least the "Kitana&Mileena" non-canon comic had John Tobias as editor, which gives it some authenticity.

    The MK cartoon series also had Kitana as a teenager during the Edenian Invasion. Yes, also non-canon, but I just want to point out that the only Kitana representation as a baby is in MK Legacy and only the people who have seen that episode have this impression of her.

    Nowhere in her bios in the games does it say she was a child when Shao Kahn took over. It only says "she remembers little of her early years", which means that she has no memory of those. The explanation that has been suggested by the games is that she isn't supposed to have memory, as she would be a threat to Shao Kahn's court..

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    • i just queefed :C

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    • Fireworks888 wrote:
      i just queefed :C

      Maybe you doesn't mean I'm not right though.

      The wikia should be correct, the people managing it should be opened to proof provided by externals

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    • "Her being described as an "infant" in the wiki is a very incorrect statement." - yeah because you're acting like you're definitely correct which isn't even true at all as it's a difficult subject.

      Nowhere do the bios say she wasn't, and as you mentioned Sindel's ending showed her as a child. The main point is that it /could/ have been mindfuckery, yet there's nothing really to back it up aside from Shaolin Monks which barely contributes to the canonocity of the series' story. And thus any use of non-canon stuff like the animated series make the point rather moot. The keyword there is: could, it's still speculative on that end.

      "The Edenian War probably lasted many years actually (shown in MK Armageddon's konquest mode with Taven and in Rain's bio from the rebooot), so she definitely had time to grow up during the war."

      A fairly decent point, but for one thing we have no idea how Edenian ageing works at all, especially in regards to them being children, we know Kitana's over 10,000 years of age but that's it. We have no idea how the development from child to adult in appearance works for an Edenian, and especially given how she's still considered young in terms of age. And given how Sindel's biography mentions it was 10,000 years after her death she was brought back which in itself her ending also refers to Kitana as 10,000 years of age. So unless there's exact mathematics regarding Kitana's exact age, which there isn't the closest to deduce is she was an infant at the time.

      Plus there's nothing arguing that Rain isn't older than Kitana, making the point also difficult to take granted.

      "But in defeating Shao Kahn, Sindel frees the Earth. In doing so, she also liberates Edenia and insures a reunion with her 10,000 year old daughter - Kitana.""

      "Sindel once ruled the Outworld at Shao Kahn's side as his queen. Now 10,000 years later after her untimely death, she is reborn on Earth with evil intentions. Sindel is the key to Kahn's occupation of Earth.""

      And in regards to Rain's ending, it explicitly mentions the Edenian Resistance, which is still active at the time of Deception's Konquest mode and it's more than likely it was still a thing when Shao Kahn took control of Edenia.

      "She recognizes her mother in MK9, so she couldn't have been a child when she died." That's grasping at straws to argue your point, because again we have no idea how ageing works with Edenian's, for all we know they could have good enough memories and I doubt it was dead on 10,000 years later so it's not impossible for Kitana to have been with her mother for at least a year or two as an infant with Sindel enough for her to recognise her in MK9.

      And it's significantly easier to manipulate someone when they're younger than anything else, Kahn also created Mileena at the time because he was afraid Kitana would work out what he'd done. So...

      It's still speculative to assume she was an infant but given from both Sindel's bio and ending in MK3 the closest age range we can gather from when Kahn invaded it gives off Kitana had to have been an infant at the time, going by the idea she was put under by a spell like in SM is not only asinine due to the butchered lore of the game, it's also never brought up at all even in MK9.

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    • I'm not saying she couldn't have been a child. It's entirely possible. However, as long as the games never say that, is it correct to describe her as that in the wiki? If I'm just theorizing that she wasn't a child, what does the wiki do in this case?? And the word "infant" is used for very young child or baby. Even the picture in Sindel's ending, which may be of them before or after the Edenian conquest (we don't know) shows she wasn't an infant. That's all I've been trying to say.

      We don;t know about Edenian aging, I agree (also not thoroughly explained canonwise). But it would be damnright impossible for Edenians to take hundreds of years to go from infancy to 18 and hundreds of years to age from 50 to 80. It wouldn't be much of a great society if a man took thousands of years to die in pain of old age, wouldn it? I remember 1 of the writers responded on twitter, that they age normally until maturity (18 or so), where their body cells don't deteriorate and stay like that for thousands of years (I can;t provide link to that), but Kitana probably aged in the same way, even fast enough before Edenia was even conquered. 10.000 years is a reference about her and Sindel, it can be 9.080 or 10.020 in case of Kitana.

      Ok, enough of me jumping to conclusions which may or not be correct. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm not. All I'm saying is that the wiki takes liberties and tells of her being an infant, which I don't know where comes from. Only in the MK Legacy series I've seen this stated, which is seriously bad at canon.

      There is no reference to her age anywhere in the bios and, even though you say Shaolin Monks is non-canon, it provides THE only explanation for why she doesn't remember- that she was old enough to know, but Shao Kahn and the shadow priests messed with her mind. The wiki should either state that information or not state anything about her age. By the way, Shaolin Monks never buthered the lore. 

      I'm going to try and state from memory why:

      1. The deaths of the villains- only done for gameplay purposes, as it was explained it would have been silly just having them run away and say "I'll get you next time" every time. They could also be explained by Shao Kahn ressurecting them, as they are in Outworld. 

      2. Mileena being supposed to be killed by Kitana, but she;s the only villain who doesn't die- The last we see of them is Kitana going after Mileeena to finish her off, she probably does off-screen, in another world, so Shao Kahn brings her back only after she descends into the Netherrealm and becomes Shinnok's spy

      3. Temple is supposed to be already destryed when Liu Kang gets home- the initial bio for Liu Kang says he comes home and "finds" his temple destroyed. "Find" can be used as in "discovers his Temple under attack, with him being there". It was though just made for the purpose of expanding a story. 

      4. Sonya supposed to go missing at the island, not captured at the Shaolin Temple- only in the comic, not in the bios, story or endings of the game. In my opinion, the game Shaolin Monks should take precedence over the comic. 

      5. Quan Chi had had the Amulet ever since the end of Mythologies, why was it now in Shao Kahn;s possession?- an unexplored sub-plot, they never provided an explanation. Probably Quan Chi just went to Kahn to get help in unlocking the secrets of teh Amulet, as he didn't know to use it himself. Or Kahn just soehow got his hands on it for a short while, it would be nice to see that story. In the end, it is back in Quan Chi's hands and makes it possible for Shinnok;s invasion in MK4. 

      I don't know if there are others, probably so, but only minor discrepancies from the initial bios, normal to happen when you expand a story. SM canon or not, it's not my point. It;s just that Kitana is decribed as an "infant" and as "growing up" loyal to Shao Kahn. These are massive suppositions taken by the wiki, it COULD have been exactly the other way, the writers themselves imply that it has been the other way.

      Thank you and have a nice day!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, 

    I did the voicework for Frost and had edited the wiki to reflect it. I saw it was deleted. I have creds and can eloborate further. What is the way to reflect my work on the wiki page? 

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  • How about editing sub zero and raiden page of them being in injustice

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  • This user - - is spamming. The only reason he came onto this wikia is because I blocked him on another wikia and he's attacking me for it, and the only reason he was on THAT wikia was because he was banned on ANOTHER wikia and he was attacking the admin for THAT.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey Riley. Can I become a admin?

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  • Hey Riley. Noobsaibot2260 is begging to make own new article, Khrome. I know the Khrome article is unacceptable and it's spam and unneeded.

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  • I wish to make a few minor edits on the Predator page. I don't want to vandalize it or anything.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Am i allowed to post baby Mortal Kombat characters in galleries? Like, post baby Sub Zero in Kuai Liang gallery?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I know it's failure Riley Heligo, I know you are NOT blocking me on Mortal Kombat Wiki and I know you are NOT trying to ban evade on Mortal Kombat Wiki, I tired you. I don't think so... I really need to speak to your supervisor. Please retire, but I repeat, I really need to speak to your supervisor immediately. What you did to be is downright wrong!?! You blocked many accounts on Mortal Kombat Wiki and my account, Riley. I will be filing a lawsuit against you Riley and i'm getting a lawyer and sue you in court. Please unblock Hussein-Sonic and HusseinSonic57 and you will retire clearly Riley. I'm taking action against you and I will contact Wikia's staff member Brandon Rhea to diccuss him and Riley Heligo will be blocked. I know it's very hard and i'm not being disrespectful and there's NO ban evaders! And so, i'm going to quit ban evading.



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  • I have a question regarding some edits i made on the Erron Black and Kenshi pages: why were they removed? I'm not upset about them being removed; I'm genuinely curious as to whether or not they met guidelines. Thank you for your time.

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    • For Kenshi, it's really too speculative for it to be on the page while there've been cases of fatalities being inspired by other movies, it's really too much speculation to go with. Erron Black, it's an odd one while it's more than likely a reference it's again one of those ones where it's 50/50, I'd much rather confirmation be given than just say "Yeah, it's a reference".

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    • ok thank you. i appreciate your response

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    • A FANDOM user
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