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Lt. Mikka Stone

Lieutnenant Mikka Stone fighting a Black Dragon Member

Lieutenant Mikka Stone or Lt. Mikka Stone is a character who appeared in the Mortal Kombat Special Forces Comics. Mikka is a member of Jax's squad, along with Sonya Blade, Sylence, Torque and Vapor. According to the comics, Mikka uses Twin Katanas as weapons. In the second comic "Secret Treasures 2", Mikka and Jax are held captive by a member of the Black Dragon named Rojak, who was trying to steal an artifact called the Kitai, which is said to be an ancient artifact that was created by the gods. In this case, it could open a portal to other realms. Rojak succeeds in receiving the Kitai, but his success is short lived when he opens up a portal to Outworld, where he remained trapped. In the comic, Mikka is said to be very fast and dangerous. Mikka is also an expert in the art of swordmanship.

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