I think I would be a good fit for an administrator here on the Mortal Kombat Wiki. I've matured, I have way over 400 edits, I've also been working on becoming an admin for a long time. Another thing you might see is that I have good grammar, I'll keep an eye out for vandals, I also contribute every day to this Wiki, it's been the only Wiki I edit on ever since the past year. I'm a good fit for this place, all of the things needed, I have them. I've liked Mortal Kombat ever since I was a young boy, my first game was Trilogy and I enjoyed playing as Sektor. Now I own nearly all the games and have good knowloedge on the whole series, I hope I get to be an admin since it's have I've been working for ever since I joined this wiki in 2011.

The number of edits in which I have is over 4,080. It's the best reward for me being an admin because hard work always pays off. I sometimes didn't even sleep because I was too busy trying to make this Wiki better, if I become an admin I will ban those who need it and keep an eye out for people who may cause harm to this wonderful Wiki. During the time in which I've been here, I've met many wonderful people. They've helped me when it came to editing many pages and also showed me how to do many other things. My only wish in all Wikia is to become an admin, yes I've said it so many times but since I've worked so hard on this I think it's only fair that they give the spot to someone who has been here for a long time, has a whole bunch of edits and contributes to the Wiki every single day, I can apply to every one of those things. If I'm not chosen for admin, I'm not going to deny my sadness, but I will always stay loyal to this amazing and friedly Wiki, the people here are great, every single thing is perfect and I'll promise to inprove this website as much as I can.

I would like to thank User:Smoke. for giving me a hand when I needed it, User:Byakuya600 for teaching me many things, User:Koldoom42 User:Ermacpunk15 User:Strawberry Cupcake Kitten User:GunBlazer and many others for being great friends. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day. :) ~ES

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