Hello, I'm Koldoom42! My favorite fighting game series is Mortal Kombat, owning all 3 original games for the PSP, MK4 for the PC and the rest for the consoles, so it was normal for me to join the community to know other fans like me. So I found this wiki to understand it's lore even more and meet the said fans, and I ended up to be part of this wonderful community.

First, I started as an anon in 2010 adding stuff (mostly in broken english), then it was in 2011 when I started to join more frequently because of the release of MK9, aiding the other users in doing the wiki more prospering, until in 2012 when people started to be less frequentlyor not coming at all, but I and seceral other users remained here to remove vandalism and typos.

For 2 years, the wiki had it's good sides and bad sides, but nonetheless, I helped no matter the case. And now it's 2013, the wiki flourishes again thanks to the admins in charge and the other users, I decided to apply for adminship to help the other admins, because if there are more hands, job can be done more quick. For the record, I have 1,257 edits currently, I'm here since April 2010 and I like pizza and Pringles.

No matter if I get approved or dismissed, I will still be loyal and help how I can the wiki and it's people. Thank you for reading and consideration!

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