I firmly believe that I will be a great addition to the team of admins here on the Mortal Kombat Wiki. I have matured a whole lot since first joining and have been here for 2 years now. I've made a total of 952 edits in my 2 years of being here. I'm very proud of that number as it symbolizes my very hard work on this wiki to keep it in balance. The Mortal Kombat Wiki has been a great place for me to show my interest in MK as well as give me the opportunity to make the great friends I've made here. If I feel something must be done, I'll try to help in any way I possibly can for the good of this site. I'll also try my best to contribute every day that I can. I'm more than willing to help this wiki grow and grow so that more users may join and feel welcome to our family of friends. :)

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