Pilot: Mortal Kombat Conquest 01-02 Warrior Eternal

A two part pilot episode.

Great Kung Lao, Siro & Taja

The Great Kung Lao with Siro and Taja.

Part One: It begins with the Great Kung Lao training in private, while Shang Tsung, in battle, defeats another opponent and steals his soul. Before entering the ring, Kung Lao receives a speech from Raiden, God of Thunder and Protector of the Earthrealm. The battle begin, Kung Lao (Paolo Montalban), the Earth warrior, fights Shang Tsung (Bruce Locke), the Outworld sorcerer. Losing, Shang Tsung begins to take his soul, looking inside himself, Kung Lao receive encouragement from his girlfriend Jen Reyland. Now, believing he could win, he stops Shang Tsung's Soul Stealing and defeats him. Instead of killing him, Great Kung Lao chooses mercy for his opponent and lets him live.

Winning the tournament leaves Earthrealm safe for another generation. Following Kung Lao's victory, Raiden, reveals to him that as the last defending warrior of Earthrealm, he is charged with training a new army of warriors to compete against Shao Kahn's henchmen in future rounds of Mortal Kombat. Unfortunately for Kung Lao, this wasn't what he had in mind--he figured after successfully defending the Earthrealm, he'd be able to go on with his life as it was before Mortal Kombat.

Two big parts of his life are, first, the Temple of the Order of Light, which trained Kung Lao to be a warrior, and, second, Jen Reyland, a local Baron's daughter. During the week that the Order was celebrating the victory in Mortal Kombat, Jen, accompanied by her bodyguard Siro (Daniel Bernhardt), went to make an offering to the temple and its fighters. On the road they were met by three monks who turned out to be highway bandits trying to rob them. Luckily for Jen, but not the bandits, Siro is a master martial artist, who not only defended Jen, but also took one of the bandits, Taja (Kristanna Loken), prisoner. Taja would eventually become a servant in Baron Reyland's household.

Turning his back on his destiny, the Great Kung Lao asks for Jen's hand in marriage, but is quickly rebuffed by the Baron who states that Kung Lao's association with the Temple and the 'Elder Gods' and 'Realms' is not a suitable lifestyle for his only daughter. When Kung Lao protests, the Baron tells him that any further contact with his daughter would be considered a threat and he'd have no choice to but to have Kung Lao killed.

Meanwhile, in the Cobalt Mines of Shokan, Shang Tsung has taken up with the vile she-prisoner Vorpax (Tracy Douglas). While neither can be trusted, they need one another as Shang Tsung still has his powers of sorcery, but cannot leave the mines and Vorpax, although not as powerful as her partner, is able to cross through portals into other Realms to carry out his evil deeds. In his first strike against Kung Lao, Shang Tsung enlists the deadly warrior Scorpion to visit the Earth Realm and begin his revenge.

Through a series of malicious machinations involving Scorpion, Shang Tsung is able to thwart Jen and Kung Lao's palnned elopement; have Kung Lao captured by the Baron's guards and sentenced to death; and have the loyal Siro disgraced and banished from the Baron's household--leaving his fate, as well as that of Jen and Kung Lao up in the air.

Part Two: Following excruciating turmoil in his life, Kung Lao, joined by Taja and Siro, accepts his destiny to protect the Earthrealm from the forces of Outworld, while training a new generation of warriors for Mortal Kombat.

As Siro is being led away from both Baron Reyland's house and daughter, both of which he's guarded for years, he warns Jen that something is not right with her new guard Takeda. Little does he know that Takeda has been possessed by Scorpion who has been sent by Shang Tsung to eliminate Kung Lao and all that he holds dear.

Shang Tsung isn't the only one who wants rid of Kung Lao. When Kung Lao was caught trying to sneak Jen away from the Baron's house, he was caught and, true to his word, the Baron sentenced him to death. As the preparations for Kung Lao's execution are being made, Taja, the captured bandit who was made a servant in the Baron's household, is visited by Raiden, disguised as a beggar, who convinces her that her best hope for escape lies in helping Kung Lao also escape. Later, still disguised as a beggar, Rayden happens upon the banished Siro and lets him know that Jen, may indeed, be in danger.

Taja, with the help of Jen, is able to overpower the executioners and free Kung Lao from the gallows. Taja and Kung Lao flee the Baron's compound, leaving Jen to face her father's wrath.

Fearing the worst, Kung Lao and Taja sneak back into the Baron's compound to free Jen. Unbeknownst to them, Siro is there for the same reason. When the three run into each other, it becomes clear to Kung Lao that Rayden is behind their coming together and that it must have significance beyond mere coincidence. Unfortunately for the three, they don't realize that they are walking into an ambush at the compound which, before it's over, will cost the Baron his life.

Takeda, on behalf of Shang Tsung, traps Kung Lao and is about to capture his soul for Shang Tsung's dark purpose, when he is outnumbered by the Baron's guards. In a desperate attempt to maintain a bargaining position, Takeda kidnaps Jen and disappears into the night.

Exasperated in their search for Jen, Kung Lao, Taja and Siro are aided by Rayden, who instructs Kung Lao to follow the visions that have been plaguing him. These visions lead him back to the Temple of the Order of the Light--where he was trained to be a warrior and where Takeda is now holding Jen hostage. Rayden warns Kung Lao--until he fully commits to being a warrior, he is most vulnerable at the Temple and will not be able to defeat Takeda.

When he arrives at the Temple to rescue Jen, Kung Lao discovers that Takeda has fully transformed into Scorpion, a deadly Ninja with magical powers. In the ensuing battle, in which Kung Lao defeats Scorpion, Jen is killed, but before she dies she tells Kung Lao she will always be with him in his heart.

In light of the turmoil he's seen in recent days, Kung Lao is filled with a new purpose and accepts his destiny to raise an army of warriors to defend the Earth Realm against the evil forces of Emperor Shao Kahn and Outworld. Looking for a higher purpose in their lives, Taja and Siro join Kung Lao in this quest.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 03 Cold Reality

Kung Lao, Siro & Taja are attacked by the Lin Kuei & Sub-Zero.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 04 Immortal Kombat

Kung Lao must face Shang Tsung again when Siro & Taja start rapidly aging.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 05 The Essence

Princess Kitana arrives in Earthrealm in serach of a mysterious and magical Essence that plays a vital role in her former homeworld's survival.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 06 Noob Saibot

Siro & Taja explore an underworld city which holds a shrine guarded by two powerful warriors after a seer called Kiri tells them of the power they would recieve once the warriors are defeated.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 07 Debt of the Dragon

An infamous organization named The Black Dragon appears in Zhu Zin, claiming ownership of the gang's trading post & demanding that the gang leaves.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 08 Undying Dream

Kung Lao & Siro enter the Cobalt Mines in order to save Taja from Shang Tsung, Vorpax & other dangers.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 09 Quan Chi

Quan Chi with Siann, Mika & Sora

Siann, Mika and Sora with their master Quan Chi in "Quan Chi".

The demon sorcerer Quan Chi from the Netherrealm sends a trio of women to infect the gang with a potion, causing Kung Lao to become a ruthless killer, Siro becoming a drunkard, and Taja returning to her thieving ways. The potion worsens their faults so much that Lord Raiden gets involved.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 10 Unholy Alliance

Shang Tsung & Quan Chi allign with hopes of destroying Kung Lao once & for all.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 11 Thicker Than Blood

A former lover of Siro named Hanna turns up in Zhu Zin & reveals her marriage with his brother who has gone missing. Unbeknownst to the two; Scorpion has used magic to make Siro's brother one of his warriors.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 12 Shadow of a Doubt

Kung Lao is badly wounded in a fight with Rain. Taking advantage of the opportunity is Shao Kahn who sends Mileena to pose as her sister Kitana & seduce/kill Kung Lao.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 13 Twisted Truth

A warrior called Tomas shows up at the trading post. Apparently; he wants to join the gang & defend Earthrealm. All is well until the gang & locals suspect him of murdering several barmaids. Has he? Or are they wrong?

Mortal Kombat Conquest 14 The Festival of Death

Festival of Death wagon

The Festival of Death

The gang suspects that a travelling circus has been using negative magic. Their suspicions are soon confirmed when they discover that the circus worships Quan Chi.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 15 The Serpent and the Ice

Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei clan now fight for Shao Kahn and provide services to the Emperor of Outworld. But Sub-Zero later goes up against Scorpion his companion named Peron.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 16 Kreeya

Kung Lao, Taja and Siro encountered an ancient society of Amazonian warriors called the Kreeyans and their immortal leader, Queen Kreeya.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 17 The Master

Omegis the Immortal Sorceress

Omegis the beautiful and immortal sorceress in "The Master".

An immortal sorceress known as Omegis revealed that Shang Tsung was her old boyfriend, Master Cho was their teacher, and how she came to be.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 18 In Kold Blood

Queen Kreeya seeks an alliance with the Suarians including Reptile whom she plans to mate, in order to expand her army to destroy Shao Kahn and claim Outworld as her own.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 19 Flawed Victory

After Shang Tsung's escape from the Cobalt Mines of Shokan, Shao Kahn summons Quan Chi from the Netherrealm and ordered the sorcerer to capture him.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 20 Balance of Power

Princess Vorpax, while being disgusted with her mother's orders and her fellow Kreeyans fighting a losing war against Shao Kahn, decided to take matters into hands. In the end, Vorpax defeated and murdered Queen Kreeya and absorbed her power to procreate. Meanwhile in Outworld, Shao Kahn was in his obsessive mission of weeding out traitors in his mist.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 21 Stolen Lies

City of Shakaana

The city of Shakaana in "Stolen Lies".

Kung Lao, Taja and Siro have enter a mysterious and hidden city called Shakaana whose citizens worshiped a god called Shaaka who turned to be Shao Kahn himself.

Mortal Kombat Conquest 22 Vengeance

Shao Kahn commences his invasion of Earthrealm and begins sending mysterious hooded warriors to slaughter the remaining Earthrealm fighters and those who betrayed him, and Raiden is the only one who can stop him. Kung Lao and the other surviving warriors are killed, whilst Raiden battles Shao Kahn in the gateway between Earthrealm and Outworld. However, Shao Kahn distracts Raiden long enough to transport him and his friends to Outworld. Raiden's powers are diminished and is captured by Shao Kahn, who taunts him over his dead friends and makes him watch as Earthrealm falls under his control...

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