This is a list of other media, where they do parodies or references to characters, story and more about the Mortal Kombat series.



  • In Fatality's card (a DC Comics character) from Vs. System's "Infinite Crisis" set, the subtitle of Fatality is "Flawless Victory", and the phrase of her card is "Finish Him!", both are references to Mortal Kombat. See Image Reference
  • The Mortal Kombat characters are also featured in the trading card game Epic Battles which pits them against the Street Fighter characters (as well as upcoming characters from other fighting games).


  • The rapper known as C. NoVa mentions Liu Kang in his song "Fireball".
  • Detroit rap legend Esham mentions Kano and his Fatality in his song "Silicone".
  • Rapper A$AP Ferg mentions Liu Kang in his song "Shabba".
  • Houston rapper Lil' Flip samples the female scream from Mortal Kombat II in the intro of his song "Game Over". 
  • Danish pop-punk group New Politics has a cross parody of Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat in the music video for their song "West End Kids". In the video, guest star LOLO plays a character who seems to be satirizing both Cammy White and Sonya Blade from each respective series based on her appearance. "Finish Him!" and Dan Forden's "Toasty!" gag were also parodied. 
  • The rapper Lil Wayne mentions Raiden in his song "That Ain't Me". He also references Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, and Scorpion in his song "Dough Is What I Got". 
  • The rapper Rich Homie Quan has a mixtape called "DTSpacely Made This" and it has Raiden, Quan Chi, and Jax Briggs on the cover.
  • American musical Rap group Bone Thugs -N- Harmony mentions Sub-Zero in their song called "7 Sign".
  • Texas Rapper Kirko Bangz mentions Scorpion in his song "What Yo Name Iz?"
  • Australian rapper Iggy Azalea references Liu Kang in her leaked song "Middle Man".


  • On the YouTube channel Animation Domination High-Def, there is a video called Humilitality. It begins with Mileena defeating Sub-Zero. As a finisher, she views Sub-Zero's cellphone. She finds a photo of Sub-Zero wearing a diaper and emails it to Scorpion. Unable to do anything, Sub-Zero becomes annoyed and begs Mileena to decapitate him. Satisfied, she puts the cellphone into Sub-Zero's pocket before he passes out.

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