Motor Kombat in MK:A

Motor Kombat is a minigame featured exclusively in Mortal Kombat Armageddon. It features 10 characters in a Mario Kart-like racing game. Each character has their own special moves and their own customized go-kart. Deathtraps are also available and can be bumped, driven, or fallen into.


  1. Scorpion
  2. Sub-Zero
  3. Jax Briggs
  4. Kitana
  5. Mileena
  6. Raiden
  7. Bo' Rai Cho
  8. Cyrax
  9. Baraka
  10. Johnny Cage

Special Moves

Motor Kombat Gameplay01:52

Motor Kombat Gameplay

Motor Kombat Gameplay

  • Scorpion: Spear
  • Sub-Zero: Iceball
  • Jax: Ground Pound
  • Kitana: Shield
  • Mileena: Special Boost
  • Raiden: Lightning Shield
  • Bo' Rai Cho: Puke
  • Johnny Cage: Greengoo
  • Cyrax: Bomb
  • Baraka: Double Spark


  • It is possible that Sektor was considered to be a selectable driver in Motor Kombat as an unlockable in The Krypt shows artwork for his vehicle design.
  • Reptile can be seen ran over in one of the Krypt unlockable characters.
  • Motor Kombat is based off of the Mario Kart   Series  .
  • Occasionally, if Bo' Rai Cho jumps a ramp, he will fart when he lands.


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