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A Multality is a finishing move from Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. Multalities are another form of Mortal Kombat’s trademark Fatalities, which include Babalities, Animalities, Brutalities and Friendships.

The Multality allows the player to instantly kill multiple enemies in a row.

List of Multalities

Liu Kang:

  • Dragon Breath: Liu Kang turns into a dragon and breathes fire all around him.
  • Trial By Fire: Liu Kang creates several fireballs, which fly around him, killing any enemies in their paths.

Kung Lao:

  • Hat Whirlwind: Kung Lao tosses out his hat. He then controls it, leading into any enemies in its path.
  • Trial By Wind: Kung Lao spins at high speed, sucking in and killing anyone nearby.


  • Raise Hell: Scorpion raises Hellfire from the ground, incinerating anyone in the vicinity.


  • Ice Stomp: Sub-Zero leaps into the air and slams back into the ground, freezing and shattering any enemies around him.


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