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Jewelled Nika Egg

Jeweled Nika Egg

The jeweled Nika Eggs are huge lapis lazuli gems that are part of the treasury of Kuatan, the ancient city home to the four-armed Shokan people of Outworld.

Though technically not real eggs, these gems are part of the Shokan race's treasures. It also sometimes serves as customary gifts by heirs of the Royal Family of Kuatan to their kings, following Shokan tradition.

In the animated film Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins, this jeweled egg was the reason Prince Goro killed his brother, Duroc. Both sons wished to present the egg to their father, King Gorbak, as a gift as according to Shokan tradition.



  • It is not clear whether the jewel attached on a golden scepter wielded by King Gorbak is a Nika Egg or not.

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