Portal (gateway)

Portals are supernatural gateways located across the Mortal Kombat universe making their first appearance in Mortal Kombat II.


Portals are dimensional gateways into the time-space continuum used for the sole purpose of transportation across vast distances, or more commonly, other realms. They are a pivotal plot device in the Mortal Kombat story, used primarily by the forces of evil to invade realms. Since their inception in Mortal Kombat II, every game features a stage with a portal, signifying their importance and influence.


Portals are depicted as dimensional rifts with a distortion in the atmosphere resembling a visible swirl with a black hole in the middle, akin to a vortex. Only powerful individuals such as gods and sorcerers or groups can create these rifts. They often contain inside intense electrical torrents that occasionally whip about in the middle with an audible crackle. When one enters a portal, they are transformed into energy where it is displaced and then reforms into solid form and exits out of another portal. Traversing between portals seems to leave an unpleasant feeling in the travelers. Portal traveling in itself is dangerous. If the intense torrent of energy is not toned down, the traveler will be torn asunder before their bodies can be transferred through the gateway. The larger portals used for realm-jumping often remain open for longer periods of time, though their energy torrents are more powerful so the energy around them must be lessened in order to travel safely or unless the traveler is protected by something as well as having taint.

Notable areas with portals

The Portal

A barren and chaotic area in Outworld devoid of natural life. This area is riddled with many portals leading to different areas across Outworld as well as a portal leading to Earthrealm for Shao Kahn's invasion. Shadow Priests stand guard while maintaining the gateways.


Also known as The Void. The Nexus serves as a hub for all realms. It contains concentrated portals for safe traveling.

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