Rain's mask

Rain's Mask, one of the 60 collectible Relics within the Konquest mode of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.

Relics are items lost by the characters of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. There are a total of 60 relics spread throughout the realms of Mortal Kombat that can be collected in Konquest mode.

Botan Jungle

Temple of Argus

Tekunin Warship


Lin Kuei Palace

Charred Mountain

Netherrealm Cliffs

Shinnok's Spire

Shao Kahn's Fortress

Edenian Ruins


After obtaining a certain number of these items the player unlocks several rewards.

Number of Relics Unlockables
10 Relics Meat
20 Relics 20,000 Koins
30 Relics Daegon
40 Relics Pyramid of Argus Arena
50 Relics Blaze
60 Relics Unlocks all items in the Krypt automatically & Krypt arena


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