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SMASH TV was a gameshow in Earthrealm. It took the idea of 'reality TV' (interestingly, before the genre had actually been established) to a whole new level in where the contestants fought in a gladiator-esque environment using futuristic weaponry to fight off gauntlets of enemies ranging from, but not limited to, cyborgs and mutants, collecting prize money and upgrades as they ascended the ranks. Unfortunately, not a single person has actually won Smash TV, until now when a couple of unnamed contestants managed to brave through the horrors and claim the prize.

There was also a version of the show called Celebrity SMASH TV. In this version, the standard contestants were replaced with celebrities.

Johnny Cage has appeared on Celebrity SMASH TV.


SMASH TV was an arcade video game released by Williams Entertainment, a company also responsible for several ports of the earlier Mortal Kombat games. The game is a basic isometric shoot-em-up like many games of its time. The player(s) collect various powerups to utilize against hordes of enemies that pour into the room. Each end of the round typically had a boss battle with some kind of large cyborg-like entity or monster whom were invulnerable to regular fire, requiring the player(s) to wait for and grab an upgrade.

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