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Shinnok's Throne Room

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Shinnok's Throne Room

The Throne of Shinnok sits within this chamber at the top of the fallen Elder God's sanctuary.

Shinnok's Throne Room is a monastic arena located at the top of Shinnok's Spire within the Netherrealm.


At the very top of Shinnok's Spire lies the throne of the fallen Elder God, Shinnok himself.

This chamber is also where the Brotherhood of Shadows sometimes come to continue to worship their dark deity with such undying faith and loyalty.

This throne fully recharges Shinnok's mystical powers and also symbolizes his reign as supreme master of the Netherrealm.


  • The structure of the Throne of Shinnok also bears an almost similar resemblance to the Netherrealm's Kamidogu.

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