For a similar feature, see Death Trap.

A Stage Fatality is a finishing move introduced in the first Mortal Kombat. A stage Fatality occurs when a player uses a part of the stage or map to execute a Fatality that is not a standard character Fatality.

List of Stage Fatalities

  • Armory (Death Trap) - The stage features a giant rolling rock crusher on a conveyor belt, which is used to smash ore to be melted down for weapons-making, or any player that is knocked onto it. Opponents can also be knocked into the molten metal well surrounding the arena (Mortal Kombat: Armageddon only).
  • Bell Tower - When an opponent is defeated on this stage, he/she can be uppercutted, where they will fall through a series of wooden floors and eventually land on a bed of spikes. In Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, an opponent can be uppercutted to a spike with four sharp edges; as the opponent slowly comes down and end up being impaled on the spikes and sharp edges cut his/her legs and arms, a small rat-like creature than appears and takes the left leg for use as food.
  • Chamber of the Flame - The Chamber of the Flame possesses three Stage Fatalities, which can be chosen depending on the button the winning player presses as their character hangs the opponent over the edge of the walkway:
    • FIRST: The labyrinth rotates forward and opponent is dropped and impaled by five spears on each side, separating into 4 pieces (Head, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Legs) as their blood flows out the spears pull back and the opponent falls to the ground into pieces. Activated by pressing the Circle button.
    • SECOND: The construct rotates back and the opponent is dropped and their lower part of their body is crushed by their sides from some Spike Pillars, only to fall again and have their torso crushed and finally their head crushed. Activated by pressing the Square button.
    • THIRD: The labyrinth doesn't move, and when the opponent is dropped, a series of flames melt their skin, muscles and organs quickly, leaving only a skeleton to drop and smash on the floor, that disintegrates into ash and bone. Activated by pressing the X button.
  • Dark Prison (Death Trap) - A spiked wall compressor that activated onces your opponent was knocked into it. If an opponent was knocked against a cell door the occupant would grab and hold them for a chance for an free hit.
  • Dead Pool - When an opponent is defeated on this stage, he/she can be uppercutted into the acid bath, burning away the flesh and leaving just a skeleton floating in the acid. In Mortal Kombat: Deception, this serves as a Death Trap.
  • Dragon King's Temple (Death Trap) - When an opponent is defeated on this stage, he/she can be uppercutted into the spikes on the wall, but in the down lava is visible.
  • Falling Cliffs (Death Trap) - Players caught on the ledge when this happens will find themselves impaled by the spikes at the bottom of the canyon. In the event that both players fall and are impaled, the player with the least damage taken during the match will win.
  • Fire Well (Death Trap) - Operates on each wall, with a large wheel at their ends crushing blocks of stone. Should a kombatant lose sense of their footing and be knocked onto the belt, their life would soon end as their bones were ground into powder.
  • Golden Desert (Death Trap) - Knocking the opponent into the far cliff walls to either side will cause one of the massive statues to fall on top of them, while being knocked off the front edge will cause the opponent to fall onto a rock spire below.
  • Goro's Lair - When an opponent is defeated on this stage, he/she will be uppercutted into the spikes on the ceiling. It was a version of Kombat Tomb.
  • Hell's Foundry (Death Trap) - Giant dies begin to shape newly cast slabs of metal, and crush any kombatant foolish enough to stray near.
  • Kahn's Arena (Death Trap) - The new arena now has four Death Traps of various flavors: twin crushing gears, a pool of acid (as The Dead Pool), a pool of lava (as Hell) and a pike-laiden pit (as The Pit) (Mortal Kombat: Armageddon only).
  • Kombat Tomb - When an opponent is defeated on this stage, he/she can be uppercutted into the spikes on the ceiling.
  • Kuatan Palace (Death Trap) - Left victims burning alive in the molten lava surrounding the platform. (Mortal Kombat: Deception only)
  • Living Forest - An opponent is thrown into a tree's opened mouth and soon after the tree begins to feast on the unfortunate soul.
  • Lower Mines (Death Trap) - Directly behind the fighter who took the fall is a gigantic steel rock crusher. Behind the character who jumps down after the other was hit through the fence is a steep drop-off to a fire pit. Behind this fire pit are conveyor belts moving rocks to and from eventually depositing them into this fire pit.
  • Lumber Mill (Death Trap) - Kombatants had the option of beating their opponent to death, or taking advantage of the giant grinder that would tear their opponent to shreds.
  • Nexus (Death Trap) - Defeated opponents can be thrown through the barricades surrounding the arena, tossing them into the void, lost to oblivion.
  • Prison - When an opponent is defeated on this stage, he/she can be thrown into the fan on the wall.
  • Quan Chi's Fortress (Death Trap) - The opponent gets knocked off the platform and into a free fall until they're sliced to pieces by the lasers. (Mortal kombat: Deception only)
  • Refugee Kamp (Brutality) - After the opponent is uppercut, the soldiers and the van's minigun in the background open fire on the opponent and shoot them to death, tearing off an arm and a leg in the process and the opponent is left without a face and riddled in bullet holes.
  • Scorpion's Lair - This stage also contains a new Pit Fatality, where the opponent is uppercutted into a river of lava. In Mortal Kombat (2011), a Stage Fatality can be achieved by forcing the victim's head into lava, burning the unfortunate soul's face off with their eye sockets leaking molten rock, screaming in horrible agony.
  • Sky Temple (Death Trap) - On the lower balcony, were three sides from which a kombatant could again push their opponent -- this time, to their deaths as they plunge to the ground far below. Once they hit the ground, they snap to pieces and their head hits the screen, then falls back and squirts blood.
  • Slaughterhouse (Death Trap) - A pair of segmented revolving cylinders parallel to each other. Each segment has spikes laden on them and those unlucky enough to get knocked in between will be shredded to pieces where their blood is sprayed against the wall on the other side.
  • The Kove (Brutality) - After the opponent is uppercut, a tentacle bursts through the dock, grabbing the opponent in mid-air, and starts slamming the opponent on the dock before they are dragged below the dock. It then transitions underwater, as the tentacle wraps around the opponent's body and neck, squeezing until the shoulders and neck burst as the opponent is screaming in despiration, leaving only the opponent's head and arms while the rest of the body is dragged down to the abyss.
  • The Pit I - When an opponent is defeated on this stage, he/she can be uppercutted off the bridge where they will land on a bed of spikes. Although the announcer doesn't acknowledge it, this would be the series' first Stage Fatality. In the stage inspired by this one in Mortal Kombat: Deception, this is a Death Trap.
  • The Pit II - When an opponent is defeated on this stage, he/she can be uppercutted off the bridge where they will meet their demise on the rocky bottom below. In Mortal Kombat Trilogy, all of the levels that featured a Stage Fatality made it into this game except for the Stage Fatality featured in The Pit II. Because of the practical impossibility of filming new, extra animations with actors for the non-Mortal Kombat II character sprites for the Pit II's overhead fall, they simply left the Fatality out entirely. In Mortal Kombat (2011) there is a new Stage Fatality, which is a version of The Pit from the original Mortal Kombat, not Mortal Kombat II.
  • The Pit III - When an opponent is defeated on this stage, he/she can be uppercutted off the bridge where they will be sliced to pieces by giant spinning blades at the bottom.
  • The Street - It features a Stage Fatality where your opponent is hit by a taxi. When they are hit it shows their skull being cracked and then their head is completely ripped off (Mortal Kombat (2011) only).
  • The Subway - When an opponent is defeated on this stage, he/she can be uppercutted through the ceiling, where they will fall back through the ceiling onto subway tracks (Mortal Kombat 3 and updates), or knocked straight into the tracks (Mortal Kombat: Armageddon; Death Trap), and then run over by a subway train. In Mortal Kombat (2011), the collision smashes the windows as it passes, smearing blood across the sides of the carriages as the head drags against the metal. The winner then tosses the loser across the arena to the other tracks, where another train runs the opponent over while the opponent is still airborne.
  • Wasteland (Death Trap) - An opponent can be knocked through the gate down to the courtyard below, which contains five burning catapults being used in the battle, which also work as deathtraps - there is one more catapult within the gates, too (Mortal Kombat: Armageddon only).
  • Yin Yang Island (Death Trap) - When an opponent is defeated on this stage, he/she can be uppercutted into the sea. There are piranhas which eats them alive.



  • Originally, Mortal Kombat X, had no Stage Fatalities and opted to have secret brutalities instead. However, on March 1st, 2016, the Kombat Pack 2 patch added Stage Fatalities for Kove, Refugee Kamp and The Pit.

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