Stunt Man is a minor character encountered in Johnny Cage's Challenge Tower in Mortal Kombat (2011).

About Stunt Man

Only very little is revealed about Stunt Man. He appears to be jealous of the fact that Cage is always in the spotlight. He is so desperate for a lead role he attempts to defeat Cage on two occasions in the Challenge Tower for tabloid recognition and a chance to star in Cage's movie.


  • Stunt Man appears in two Challenge Tower challenges:
    • Challenge 13, Hey Jerk
    • Challenge 14, Round Two
  • He also makes a small cameo appearance during Story Mode behind Johnny Cage when he is challenged to fight Cyrax.


  • Along with Ruutuu and Director, he shares Sub-Zero's grunts (Kuai Liang).
  • He has the same fighting stance as Jax.


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