Survival Mode

Survival Mode in Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

The Survival Mode (sometimes called Secret Survival Mode) is a secret mini-game introduced in Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, where players defend themselves against waves of enemies.

This fighting mode can only be found in the Foundry stage using a diamond-edged axe (which is used break enchanted crystals to open the gate to Shao Kahn's Arena) to smash it onto the left side of the upper floor of an area in the Foundry, close to the entrance/exit portal. When that happens, enter a green swirling portal and you are finally in Survival Mode at last.

How to Find and Unlock Survival Mode

Follow these steps and you should find the entrance to Survival Mode.

  • 1: Grab an enemy and throw him into the left hand wall in the Foundry corridor (this should reveal the secret room lava with Scorpion for the Versus mode on the ledge) then jump into the lava, then jump back out.
  • 2: Go to the door that is located right next to the room where you get Scorpion, and enter. There, use Wall Climb on the 'ladder' next to you. Enter the door there, and grab the big axe that is used to smash the crystals.
  • 3: Go to the Oni-filled tunnel on the the right of the save statue and O or B smash the barrel at the end.
  • 4: Go up the ramp in the lobby and turn left onto the landing.
  • 5: Go to the end and smash the barrel closest to you on the right with O button (PS2) or B button (Xbox) (smash all the barrels using the O button for this).
  • 6: Go back and into the small room with the kama on the floor and smash the barrel at the back of the room.
  • 7: Go into the rock-crusher corridor and smash the barrel on the left side of the Test Your Might cubby at the end.
  • 8: Return to the kama room and smash the other barrel in there.
  • 9: Go to the landing and smash the last barrel.
  • 10: Press and hold the O button (PS2) or the B button (Xbox) to smash the ground. (You should see a green glowing and swirling portal behind where the barrels were if you did everything correctly).
    • If the entrance hasn't appeared yet, do another smash on the spot
  • 11: Step into the glowing area and Press R2 (PS2) or BLACK (Xbox) to enter the Survival Mode.

Levels of Survival Mode

Level 1: Wu Shi Arena

Level 2: Wu Shi Shrine

Level 3: Goro's Lair

Level 4: Pit Bottom

Level 5: The Armory

Level 6: Living Forest

Level 7: Wastelands of Outworld

Level 8: Kahn's Arena

Level 9: The Warrior Shrine

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