Sylence (comic cutout)

Sylence is a character that appeared in the Mortal Kombat Special Forces mini-series of Malibu Comics. Sylence is a member of the U.S. Special Forces. She is in the same squad as Major Jax Briggs and Lt. Sonya Blade.


She has pale skin and purple hair, no pupils and uses push daggers as weapons. In some occasions of the first comic and in the second comic, she is seen with stripes on her arm and face. She is the only character that uses a Fatality-like move in the comic.

About Sylence

In the second comic, Sylence was helping Sonya and the team locate Jax and Mikka, whom were captured by the Black Dragon thug, Rojack. Sylence is a master of the art of stealth, hence her name.

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