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Tablet of Truth

The Tablet of Truth

The Tablets of Truth are ancient clay stone slabs written in old languages that possesses age-old secrets and hidden clues, thus they are built like runestones. They can only provide hints and clues with the help of special magnify glasses. They are featured in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero.

The elder Sub-Zero discovered a few of these tablets and their translators that were brought along with the Map of Elements to the Shaolin Temples many years from a hidden location with Nepal's Himalayan Mountains. Then he found them again within the sacred Temple of Elements and uncover the secrets and clues to navigate the temple during his quest for the Amulet of Shinnok.

The Tablets of Truths and the Universal Translators can only be appeared on the game's Easy Mode.


The Tablets of Truth are made of cuniform, one of the most earliest forms of writting since the dawn of time.

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