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Sektor & the Tekunin Clan
Sektor and his clan of Cybernetic Ninjas known as the Tekunin

Place of Origin



After Mortal Kombat



Current status


Known members





Take over Earthrealm
Find out the purpose behind Taven and Daegon's quest.




Special Forces
Outerworld Investigation Agency
Lin Kuei

The Tekunin were a group of cybernetic ninjas formed by Sektor himself.


After Sektor's failure in wrestling the Lin Kuei clan from Sub-Zero, he fled to Japan in order to establish his own ninja clan that were formed in his own image. His followers became cybernetic ninja warriors, though not on a technological level as high as his own.

Sektor, for an unknown reason, was in the Temple of Argus in the Botan Jungle. He witnessed the Edenian half-god Taven activate the altar and speak to it, presumably not hearing Argus himself. He captured Taven, brought him to his clan's warship and tortured him for info on what he learned from the altar, but Taven refused to answer. Then, Special Forces fighters, led by Sonya Blade, showed up and attacked the Tekunin Warship, allowing Taven a chance to make a hasty escape.


  • Tekunin Patrollers
  • Tekunin Technicians


  • A Tekunin Tin is one of the object challenges for MKX's Test Your Might.
  • In Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition, the Tekunin cyborgs appear as duplicates of Sektor, who at the time was a red recolor of Cyrax's design. In Mortal Kombat Armageddon, the Tekunin ninjas Taven encounters appear as somewhat more generic-looking ninjas, although a red version of Cyrax's design still appears in the introduction to the Tekunin Prison arena.
  • The Tekunin is referenced in Mortal Kombat X in the Triborg's ladder ending, where he forms the organization using rebuilt cyber-ninjas stored on the data drive that created him.


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