The Temple of Ilkan

The Temple of Ilkan

The Temple of Ilkan is the only known location of Ilkan, the Crystal Realm, and it is mentioned in Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm. The temple itself once houses the legendary Swords of Ilkan.


The Temple of Ilkan is built to built to honor the once properious realm of Ilkan which it was named after, with the inscribtions written on its very walls retelling the history of the realm's forgotten culture. But most of all, it is also where Ilkan's greatest treasure, the Swords of Ilkan were believed to forged and created within the temple.

The Temple of Ilkan later became completely abandoned along with the Crystal Realm after Princess Kitana of Edenia hidden one of the swords somewhere outside the realm of Ilkan during the war against both Shao Kahn and Zara.

Temple of Ilkan

Centuries later, Zara lured Kitana and her two Earthrealm comrades Sonya Blade and Jax Briggs into Outworld. Her's only demand behind this trap was to have Kitana to retrieve the second Sword of Ilkan for her, so that she would release Jax from his mystical imprisonment. Sonya and Kitana were transported to the forgotten realm of Ilkan. They journey though the realm's junlg wilderness and found the Temple of Ilkan where the second sword resides. Once inside the temple, they both avoided traps and battle a strange emerald humanoid creature made from the magical properties of Ilkan's crystals. Kitana and Sonya succeeded in capturing the second sword and returned to Outworld where they both bested Zara and her warriors, rescued Jax and rid of the Swords of Ilkan before returning home to Earhrealm.


  • The exterior design and structure of the Temple of Ilkan is based on the Sphinx monument in Egypt.


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