The Towers main lobby

The main lobby of the Towers with the Black Dragon logo on the carpet.

The Towers are a pair of tower-like modern day buildings located somewhere in one of the cities of China within Earthrealm, and they were once under the control of the Black Dragon crime syndicate. They are featured as the third level of Mortal Kombat: Special Forces.

These corporate towers held grand lobbies, parking garages and parking lots, ordinary offices, luxurious boardrooms, and penthouse suites inside. They are filled with office workers that simply go about their daily lives, security guards guarding every sections of the buildings, and, on such rare occasions, semi-nude bathing beautiful women from within the bathrooms of the buildings' penthouses. The buildings were yet the perfect cover for the Black Dragon; thanks to their dealings with some of the corrupted army officials from the Chinese government, They owned these buildings as their headquarters with enough money and power at their disposal.

Major Jackson Briggs of the U.S. Special Forces infiltrated the buildings. In the main lobby, he saw and recognized a logo of two dragons with a dagger: he knew that this was the Black Dragon's hideout.

After besting the Black Dragon thugs who stood in his way, Jax reached the building's helipad. There, he encountered Jarek, another escaped convict and member of the Black Dragon, who subsequently engaged Jax in a battle. Jax defeated Jarek, and believed that he had killed the convict, but unbeknownst to Jax at the time, Jarek was still alive and went into hiding (he would re-emerge as the apparent last surviving member of the Black Dragon during Shinnok's threat). Jax found himself one step closer to finding Kano, knowingly learning from the files within the Towers' offices that the Chinese army officials Kano bribed and even threatened, were in charge of watching over an excavation dig somewhere in the Xinjiang province of China.



  • The Towers' exterior appearance might have been based on some of the twin towers in China such as the Grand Gateway Shanghai in the Xuhul District of Shanghai, but that has not been proven.

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