• One of the best features of the Mortal Kombat playing experience is the construction and array of ladders and tournaments (online or single-player or home multi-player).

    Various gender-themed engagements or inter-gender battles or iconic warrior confrontations make tournaments very symbolic in the MK universe.

    I like constructing tourney-arrays to better appreciate how MK character/avatar arrangements make for terrific training, presentation, and storyboarding for gameplay experience (especially online gaming).

    Do you have a favorite MK tourney bracket or fantasy-bracket? Is there any other fighting game that offers better 'tourney storytelling'? I don't think Virtua Fighter, Street Fighter, or Tekken come close.

    When I hear the words "MK Tournament" I immediately start thinking about hot-shot gamers, avatar storyboarding, MK Universe folklore, and gameplay excellence.

    Feel free to comment on your favorite MK gamers too...

    ROUND 1:

    Sonya Blade vs. Mileena (Win: Sonya Blade)

    Kitana vs. Sindel (Win: Kitana)

    Kung Lao vs. Sub-Zero (Win: Kung Lao)

    Raiden vs. Cyrax (Win: Raiden)

    Skarlet vs. Sheeva (Win: Sheeva)

    Tanya vs. Jade (Win: Jade)

    Scorpion vs. Leatherface (Win: Leatherface)

    Liu Kang vs. Baraka (Win: Liu Kang)

    ROUND 2:

    Kitana vs. Jade (Win: Kitana)

    Sonya Blade vs. Sheeva (Win: Sonya Blade)

    Leatherface vs. Raiden (Win: Raiden)

    Kung Lao vs. Liu Kang (Win: Kung Lao)


    Kitana vs. Sonya Blade (Win: Kitana)

    Raiden vs. Kung Lao (Win: Raiden)

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    • Raiden vs. Xenomorph

      I like the pairing of Raiden and the Xenomorph in Mortal Kombat X, because it speaks to genre-mixing, which I think works nicely with the 'tournament storytelling' orientations in MKX gameplay (and the Mortal Kombat franchise in general).

      MKX is the first game in the franchise to invite players to consider the relevance of introducing outlandish (if battle-ready) characters/avatars from other realms/genres/arenas.

      RAIDEN: You do not belong here!

      XENO: Static.

      RAIDEN: You can not evade me; I am master of lightning.

      XENO: Screech!!!

      RAIDEN: My mystical powers are mightier than your beastly wrath... 

      XENO: Science?

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