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  • One of the best features of the Mortal Kombat playing experience is the construction and array of ladders and tournaments (online or single-player or home multi-player).

    Various gender-themed engagements or inter-gender battles or iconic warrior confrontations make tournaments very symbolic in the MK universe.

    I like constructing tourney-arrays to better appreciate how MK character/avatar arrangements make for terrific training, presentation, and storyboarding for gameplay experience (especially online gaming).

    Do you have a favorite MK tourney bracket or fantasy-bracket? Is there any other fighting game that offers better 'tourney storytelling'? I don't think Virtua Fighter, Street Fighter, or Tekken come close.

    When I hear the words "MK Tournament" I immediately start thinking about hot-shot gamers, avatar storyboarding, MK Universe folklore, and gameplay excellence.

    Feel free to comment on your favorite MK gamers too...

    ROUND 1:

    Sonya Blade vs. Mileena (Win: Sonya Blade)

    Kitana vs. Sindel (Win: Kitana)

    Kung Lao vs. Sub-Zero (Win: Kung Lao)

    Raiden vs. Cyrax (Win: Raiden)

    Skarlet vs. Sheeva (Win: Sheeva)

    Tanya vs. Jade (Win: Jade)

    Scorpion vs. Leatherface (Win: Leatherface)

    Liu Kang vs. Baraka (Win: Liu Kang)

    ROUND 2:

    Kitana vs. Jade (Win: Kitana)

    Sonya Blade vs. Sheeva (Win: Sonya Blade)

    Leatherface vs. Raiden (Win: Raiden)

    Kung Lao vs. Liu Kang (Win: Kung Lao)


    Kitana vs. Sonya Blade (Win: Kitana)

    Raiden vs. Kung Lao (Win: Raiden)

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