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  • 1dra7

    Ideas for a new game?

    January 3, 2012 by 1dra7

    If you could be the designer of a new MK game, what would it be called, and what would it be about?

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    Mortal Kombat Kontest

    July 5, 2011 by 1dra7

    As you may know, MK10 is rumored to have all NEW characters, since most of the old have died. So, here is what I propose to you; a contest. Since MK10 might have around 26 new characters, I create a challenge for the users here. You must CREATE A FIGHTER, by designing their looks and such. Here is the layout:

    (My Character will be replaced with your character's name.)

    You write down every detail of your character:

    Head: (Hair style, color, eyes, teeth, etc.)

    Body: (Pants, robes, shirts, etc.)

    Feet: (Shoes, sandals, etc.)

    Race: (Tarkata, Cyborg, etc.)

    A good 7-8 paragraph story of your character's life.

    List 1-5 Fatalities.

    List one Hara Kiri.

    Any Fighting style and weapon. You must list 8 Special Moves, such as:

    • Fireblaster: (name) shoots a fireball a…

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  • 1dra7

    Kustom Kombatant 1-Cypher

    June 26, 2011 by 1dra7

    This is a fan character made by me, just for fun.

    Face: Tarkatan Teeth.

    Head: Orange hair, with the modern hair style. (Kreate a Fighter)

    Body: A Cybernetic Suit of armor, colored Orange and white

    Pants: Part of the armor on the body.

    Gloves: None.

    ETC: Flags attatched to poles. (Hotaru type)

    Weapon: Kokori Sword

    Cypher was born as another being, during the days of the Deadly Alliance. His name was Hark. He was born Tarkatan, and was to rule the entire Tarkatan race once Baraka died. However, as he grew, he became less of a villain, and more of a hero. He wore a mask, such as a cyromancer's mask, so nobody knew of his true form. He eventually fell in love with a young woman, named Frost. There, he learned the ways of the Lin Kuei. His Tarkata Fami…

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  • 1dra7


    June 26, 2011 by 1dra7

    I need help.

    I am planning on making a fan sprite movie of Mortal Kombat, and I know EXACTLY where to get sprites of the more classic characters. But does anybody have ANY idea where some sprites of the new characters would be? I need sprites for Sareena and Hsu Hao, and Drahmin, ETC. "Why Hsu Hao? e_e" You say? IDC. It involves every character ever made. Maybe even Jataaka and others. Would anybody be able to locate a COMPLETE sprite set of the characters who debuted in a 3D game?

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  • 1dra7

    Mortal Kombat will (hopefully) have a new game soon. If so, I think we need something new.

    I'm tired of playing with the same people over and over again. I think the next game should have one normal character selector, and another screen for Custom Characters.

    Kreate a fighter can be just like before, maybe different. One section that is new, is Kreate a Fatality. It is just like the MKA system, except you choose different combos in KAF, to make your own custom fatality. After created, you put in a button combo to preform your fatality. So, you can make it easy or hard.

    Once in battle, "Finish Him!" Will appear, and you can imput your button combonation. Then, it will give you the black screen, play the music, and execute your custom created …

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