As you may know, MK10 is rumored to have all NEW characters, since most of the old have died. So, here is what I propose to you; a contest. Since MK10 might have around 26 new characters, I create a challenge for the users here. You must CREATE A FIGHTER, by designing their looks and such. Here is the layout:

My Character:

(My Character will be replaced with your character's name.)


You write down every detail of your character:

Head: (Hair style, color, eyes, teeth, etc.)

Body: (Pants, robes, shirts, etc.)

Feet: (Shoes, sandals, etc.)


Race: (Tarkata, Cyborg, etc.)


A good 7-8 paragraph story of your character's life.


List 1-5 Fatalities.

Hara Kiri:

List one Hara Kiri.

Fighting Style, Weapon, and Special Moves:

Any Fighting style and weapon. You must list 8 Special Moves, such as:

  • Fireblaster: (name) shoots a fireball at the opponent.

One X-ray must be imputed as well.


Any side notes, like:

  • Appeared in Liu Kang's tomb, and helped raise him from the grave.
  • Lost in battle with Shang Tsung.


If you can find a way to create an image of your character, it'd be good. If not, disregard this section.


One or two endings for your character. They must be about 2-3 Paragraphs long.

At the end, place your signature.

26 Characters will be accepted. Those 26 will go to another contest. There, they will need to make the BEST fatality, and it shall be judged by all of the viewers. Of those, 3 will be picked. Those 3 will recieve userboxes that state their epicness in this contest.

Have fun. :D

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