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    October 26, 2011 by 73MPL4R

    Frostbite is the biological son of Onaga and a mortal woman, and the adopted brother of Sub-Zero. He was born with two large, functioning dragon wings. Frostbite was later abandoned by his father for unknown reasons, before being found by Sub-Zero's father. He and Sub-Zero got along quite well, sometimes even training together. Both mastered the power of ice, and Frostbite learned to fly using his wings. Later, while exploring the areas outside the Lin Kuei temple, he stumbled across Scorpion, who took him under his mentorship. Frostbite quickly learned to use the power of fire. He later reunited with Sub-Zero, who was shocked to discover that his adopted brother had trained with Scorpion. However, Sub-Zero realized that Frostbite's new fi…

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    Self Explanatory.

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